Ugandan president on gay oral sex: 'you can get worms'


So, the Ugandan president and the legislature of Arizona are pretty much on the same page in terms of understanding sexuality?


Worms are a serious problem in parts of Africa, though not because of HIV, or homophobia.

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Christ, what an asshole.


Yeah, but eliminating actual sources of worms would require the government to actually do something, instead of fucking over a scapegoat population.


I imagine these scientists will eventually be hired by Stephen Harper.


Fucking over scapegoat populations is what incompetent governments do.


there are so many, SOOO MANY worms/dick jokes in here…

Yeah, but fenbendazole costs money, and scapegoating gays not so much…

On a related note, I hear that having sex with underaged (presumably virgin) girls cures AIDS.

These bloated toads get all their anti-gay stupidity from the likes of American right-wing fundamentalists like Scott Lively and other professional haters. The worm problem in his country does seem obvious though…probably explains what ate his brain. Seriously, he’s that damn stupid and the leader of a nation! Poor Uganda, as if it didn’t have enough problems.

What if you’re bi-sexual? Do the worms only get half of you?


So, if he claims oral sex leads to worms, then he must also imply he has never received a blowjob, right? …and his good wife never got eaten out? …and yeah, because, science.

In other news, 6,000 Ugandan women die each year due to pregnancy-related complications, some because they simply can’t get transportation to a hospital, but that’s ok, that is God’s plan, but the evil homosexuals are not.


Only if you don’t use condoms.

Good to see lots of posts mocking African ignorance, and no mention of the US Christian fundamentalist groups that have decided to push this crap there because they lost the culture wars here.


It’s only gay oral sex, not heterosexual. The worms must know the difference between a mans mouth and a womans. There must also be two different species of worm, one for men and one for women.

I’m sure there’s the start of an idea for a bad science fiction or horror story in there, please do me a favour and no one ever write it.


So now I’m only concerned half the time.

“The mouth is made for eating and kissing, and gay oral sex will give you worms.”

And for spouting homophobic bullcrap, apparently.


If you’re interested in finding out what science he’s talking about exactly, this site has links to PDFs of a number of the “scientific” statements used to come to this conclusion.

The brief linked on this page is extremely graphic, and focuses on oral-anal contact and “fisting” in supposed gay sex. (TW: graphic images, and, obviously, homophobia)

The Ministry of Health’s scientific statement is also quite interesting. While it acknowledges the “naturalness” of homosexuality, it says that it “needs to be regulated” and that vulnerable populations must be protected against sexual exploitation. While the rest of the statement doesn’t say anything connecting pedophilia and homosexuality, the last two sentences are “African cultures had contained sexual vices. May be [sic] we need to revisit them to contain the present explosion of overt and coercive homosexual activity with the exploitation of our young children.”


The worms eat through the condoms, the Church says so.

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Thank you, this made me uncomfortable as well. Below I linked to some of the briefs used, and in them you can see the connection to US Christians, as well as outdated or biased American research.


I don’t believe in African ignorance, it’s the same ignorance as in the UK, US and the rest of the world.

The president of Uganda is in a position to know better and is choosing to be a homophobe. It has nothing to do with what continent he is on.