44 people arrested for attending same-sex marriage

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the group would be charged for potentially spreading an infectious disease.

Covid? Or some sort of social ‘disease’, like homosexuality? I wouldn’t put it past them to go for the latter, given Uganda’s track record (let’s be honest, much of Africa’s track record) of bigotry on this topic.


Probably the former as a smokescreen for policing the latter. One major misgiving I have about COVID related ordinances is that, while I think there are COVIDiots who simply won’t do the saf thing without them, these ordinances do provide police with another pretext for harassing marginalized people.


All the men had make up and some were dressed as female in dresses and wigs,"



I refer to my earlier topical post on another bigotry-focused blog post thread. In this case it is ‘they’ not ‘he’.

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Uganda’s hyperconservatism is directly aided/comforted/inspired by numerous evangelical christian missionary organizations exporting hatred from the United States. Do they have anything better to do?

Doing nothing would be just amazing. It would cool to infiltrate their organization and get them to spin their wheels building plumbuses to manufacture and deliver to needy third-world families. All because, when these people “do something”, it’s always terrible.


Even the addresses sound dystopian.


nile post took down the article it seems.

What assholes the authorities are, although I think the people arrested probably attended a wedding, not a marriage.


I am appalled and disgusted. I have little doubt that the charges are a retroactive punishment for being gay, whatever they are called. How many heterosexual weddings have happened without such charges?

I am also very aware that the last thing the people of Uganda need is more well-intentioned whiteys to be dictating how they should run their country. So here in Canada I’m all in favour of welcoming any Ugandan refugees trying to escape homophobia, and also very much in favour of discouraging any form of military aid to homophobic entities.

No idea what to do about things like anti-malaria aid and other such aid, it isn’t fair nor just to deny kids the chance to grow up because their elders are homophobic arseholes.


I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a holdover from the colonial era, as it has been in Korea as well, where they replaced Korean place names with Kanji ones, that still persist to this day.

They had some help.


Here’s the paper that Foreign Policy quoted-- their link was broken.

Original Sin: A Cross-National Study of the Legality of Homosexual Acts


Besides this being a hugely unfair invasion of people’s personal lives and rights, I also learned that I have apparently only ever been invited to really shitty weddings.

This one sounds leagues more fun than anything I’ve ever attended.

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Yes. American (“Christian”) Cultural Imperialism knows no bounds.

(And as @BakaNeko points out, the US Taliban are building on someone else’s well-established imperial influence.)

No, when universal human rights are violated, it’s perfectly appropriate (and indeed, thoroughly necessary) for everyone to tell countries that are violating those rights to back off and change their laws.

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