Yahoo reveals hackers took a further 1 billion accounts (phone, DoB, names, emails)

Our first ever ISP was called Brigadoon. I can’t believe we went with them.
Um, yep… they disappeared.


I had (have) a Yahoo account but haven’t used it for milennia, can’t even remember the password (oh, wait, not even the username). I wonder if it was been hijacked and is spamming people left and right.

Well done, Yahoo: you’ve done the only thing that could make me interested in signing in again.

This is going well so far. I created a Gmail account to handle list subscriptions and LinkedIn, Meetup, et cetera. Gmail’s introduction and tutorial is very, very user-friendly. In fact, I didn’t even need Wikihow’s guide beyond the first step, logging into Gmail, as Gmail’s six-step account completion guide includes importing contacts and mail. This step may take hours, but I’m confident it will work.

I did find some energy to unsubscribe from Yahoo! lists that weren’t doing much for me other than cluttering. It’s frustrating af that Yahoo!'s advice is completely useless for protecting against these kinds of hacks (hurr durr change the password hurr durr don’t click on suspicious links) but it is given out anyway, yet Yahoo! once upon a time would not let me use my fake name’s surname “Button” because its first four letters were in its “no-no” list.

Marissa Mayer is the world’s overpaid kindergarten teacher.


Hotmail isn’t very good at filtering out spam, unlike gmail. It blocks senders’ complete email addresses. not domains like @pharma.can and not senders’ names.

That’s not accurate. In Hotmail (or rather, now, you can create blocklists based on domain or specific email address, or alternatively create filters based on all sorts of criteria, including specific words like a sender’s name. It’s actually fairly comprehensive. I use both Gmail and, and find the services to be comparable, although with obvious differences.

Things must have changed since March 2016 then:

“I don’t believe that they would get through unless they were meant too [sic]. This does not seem to be the insurmountable programing challenge they let on it is. If Microsoft wanted the drug spams block-able that would happen.
Instead they have been giving direction on here for years to delete all your rules and start over. I did that quite a few times until I started thinking it was just an inside joke. You just can’t rule delete messages on a key work or key words. The rest of the messages are spoofed and changed constantly. I am now trying out Gmail.”

“Arvind, the rule system is seriously flawed. They just don’t work reliably. Sometimes a rule will work…other times it won’t. Even creating a new rule will not work correctly. This forum is full of users asking for help because the rules are not working but Microsoft won’t admit they have a problem. Most of these users are advanced enough and know how to create rules. They can tell the system is not working right.”

This is why you never give companies personal information that they simply don’t need.

They had a billion people sign up? Really?

Actually, that probably means someone knows the password on an old account I never use, but would be handy…

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WITHOUT the same password as the Yahoo account. And enable two-factor authentication.

This site MAY help with that, but only with notification that a particular site with your email info was hacked:

Hell fucken no. But that means I usually get birthday notices/thanks around the new year, as that’s the date I most often use for anything internet-related. Also, security questions like, “What’s your father’s place of birth?” generally get answers like, “Blue pinto 43” for further obfuscation.

Well, if Mrs. Flatulent Donkey Toots of Peoria, Washington, DOB 06/06/66 has her identity stolen, she might just be glad of it.


Ford was already making Pintos back in 1943?!


To be fair many accounts were created when Yahoo vacumed up domains like Flickr.

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been there before and killed one account and had already changed the password for linked in.

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Nevermind that, it’s just so sad that he wasn’t born in a nicer car!


Ugh. I had to sign up for a Yahoo account years ago because my employer still uses Yahoo Groups for some communications. I never used it for anything else, but I can’t recall what info I had to share to sign up.

They might consider renaming themselves to Hoo-wee!

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