Yahoo revises number of hacked accounts from 500,000,000 to 3,000,000,000

I meant actual mail servers routing email. I was taking the exploit attempts as a given, which is why securing it would be top priority. I see all kinds of attempts on my web server logs, including many WordPress exploits. (Now, if I was running WordPress, I’d be concerned.)

I’m careful what I forward from the router, and ssh ain’t one of them.

Years ago, I had a program on a PC watch the firewall logs and play a different sound effect depending on the port that was attempted. I would know in real time when a new Code Red outbreak happened, or when I inherited an IP address from someone running a Napster clone, and I saw the first clumsy botnet port scans (and scanned them back as I recall).

I should rig up an RPi1 with maximum security, and shove it out past the router firewall to do the same thing. It’s good to know what’s banging on the door. (It’s not that I have an infinite supply of Pis, it’s just that as I’ve upgraded the “server and beta” machines, that’s left four Pis out of work. An RPi2 is getting a fancy retro case, and then there were 3.)


It is now called Oath, because why not.

Because “Expletive” would have been too on the nose?

@RickMycroft Did the hacking attempts play a tune?


Considering that at this point almost every adult in the United States has had their credit information, recovery questions, and all other information stolen…

Perhaps it is time that we stop deluding ourselves that this is in any shape or form a good way of establishing identity?

We need a two factor authentication system. Perhaps we can make equifax pay for it and run it without profit as punishment for their crime?

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They are very big in japan.

Gods damn I love that animated gif!!!

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