Yale University's hugely popular "Science of Well Being" happiness class is now free online

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Oh, fuck that.

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Come on get happy?

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It’s been free for yonks. It’s quite good, even if it feels like there’s lots of filler. I took it, and tried to start a conversation about it on the BBS, but it didn’t take.


I don’t suppose you have a tl;dr version of what it claims brings happiness?

Self care - meditation, exercise, spending time with people, savoring things, having gratitude, kindness. She also spends a lot of time going over things that don’t provide happiness - both things people thing will bring happiness (more money, etc) as well as cognitive issues that make one less happy (hedonic adaptation, etc.). Another emphasis is that these are things that have to be practiced - that just knowing about them doesn’t do anyone any good. But . . . I found it to be a lot of fun, found the professor to be great, and if you have any interest whatsoever it is worth your time.


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ahherbest’s summary is great. If you want the a-bit-longer version, here are my course notes:


Hedonic adaptation is the worst. That shit ain’t ever going to catch me though! I’ll win that race!

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