"Y'all Masking?" hashtag goes viral on X, showing maskers they are not alone

that makes sense. sorry for the misinformation!

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No worries. I wouldn’t go as far as saying what you posted is misinformation, it’s largely true for most people that are on a big server, it just doesn’t tell the whole story. Federation is complicated and it took me a while and more than a little digging to wrap my head around even just the basics of how it works. (I only made the jump to the Fediverse when Musk bought Twitter.)

I guess the main takeaway would be that while following hashtags is a great feature that you should absolutely tell people about (I personally use a lot), if there’s someone in particular you want to recommend to people it’s good to specifically point them out because we can’t tell what size or type of server the people we’re making the the recommendation to are on.

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for sure.

yeah, maybe “misinformation” was incorrect… just incomplete info, i guess. sounds like i joined around when you did (and for the same reason!). I’m really liking Mastodon, but i’m starting to see some behaviors and trends that have a whiff of twitter at the end there, which makes me nervous. The good news is i think the good stuff on Mastodon (and the Fedi in general) outweighs the bad. I love that it largely seems to be home for brilliant, quirky, passionate, creative people of all kinds.

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I feel like people’s personal experience on the Fediverse can vary a lot based on which server they have their account on. Everything from server software, instance admin(s), moderation policy and team, etc can all have huge effects. On the one hand it’s a big plus since you have a lot of control, but on the other it can be a pretty daunting responsibility to actually grok everything you need to make informed choices. Just the nature of the beast, I guess.

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