Yé-Yé Girls of '60s French Pop


You’ll have to get married, maybe against your will

Pretty dark lyrics for a pop song, and old world for 1966 in France, isn’t it?

Sur l’amour tu te fais des idées
(You get ideas about love)
Un jour ou l’autre c’est obligé
(One of these days you’ll end up)
Tu seras une pauvre gosse
(As one poor kid)
Seule et abandonnée
(Alone and forsaken)

“you’ll end up as” is an interesting translation choice there. It’s not literal, but it is justified.

Let’s take a shot without worrying if it is literal, or even ugly.

“You have preconceptions about love: some day you will inevitably be a pitiable girl who is abandoned and alone.”

“End up as” is probably just as valid as “be”.

I think you have to get the word "girl"in there somehow, when he has gone to the trouble of saying “une gosse”.

You can put a “but” or a “therefore” in the middle there according to preference.

Petula Clark put in a lot of work into selling records in France. (Also she married Claude Wolff.) That was the second stage of her career. So she was a special case.

Anyway it is a very interesting article.

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