Year of the Sex Olympics: 1968 BBC television play predicted reality TV

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This predates Shock Treatment, the Rocky Horror sequel I’ve often heard described as a predictor of reality TV, by quite a bit. Then again is it all that different from bread and circuses?

It seems like the Romans invented reality TV. They just didn’t have a way of broadcasting it.


I have seen it! It was written by Nigel Kneale, who is known mostly for his Quatermass stories. IIRC it was “lost” for years and rediscovered recently. The production is very stylized and very 60s. The story is rather dark and dystopian.

Yet another challenging view that my ex blamed me for “making them watch”… Hey, don’t blame me, I didn’t make it!

This show and Kneale’s “The Stone Tape” - a chilling technology horror story, are two of the best science fiction ever on television.

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the accidental death of a protester during the Sex Olympics

Okay, I need details, like, now!

A better one is the film “Real Life” by Albert Brooks.

I love their cameras.

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Charles V. de Vet, an excellent but seemingly little-remembered SF author, wrote for the May 1958 issue of Astounding Science Fiction an excellent prediction of reality TV and where it could easily be going - “Special Feature”, a short story that packs a pretty good punch. Starts on Page 17:

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