Yet again - Modern day suggestion that athelete undergo medical treatment to be more feminine - is this crazy or is it just me?

Ridiculous, everyone knows it’s totally different for men and women. Women are always being controlled by weird chemicals in their bodies whereas for MEN the only competitive advantage comes from how hard you WILL yourself to GRIT your TEETH and WIN because HEMINGWAY


Both interesting but as far as I can see slightly missing the point.

The works you reference are explicitly termed as ‘dystopian’ and yet we do suggest that women do these things.

So, if everyone has to do it, it’s dystopian but when it’s just women it’s fine. Odd, no?


Who said we’re not living in a dystopia?

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Not me. :frowning:


This is the very best comment.


where does the rest of it come from?

At a guess I’d say this is probably relevant:

And behind that - advertising. And behind that: old men.


Did @HMSGoose use performance enhancing commenting thingies for that, or do they just have higher levels of testosterone?


I’m stealing “because HEMINGWAY” and will slather it liberally all over the internet. :+1:


I’m right in that sweet spot testerone-wise where I was pretty ok at cross country in high school, but also the women in my office feel totally comfortable kvetching to me about trying to pump at work :wink:


I don’t think You can answer these questions until you ascertain what the objectives of the competition are.

And that’s unlikely to be possible since there are so many groups involved pushing conflicting objectives.

For example, the answers are different if the objective is to provide Circuses to pacify the Mobbe, than they will be if the objective is to find out who is the best natural-born athlete among an arbitrarily delineated group. And yet again different if the goal is to sell corporate swag or collect eyeballs for advertising dollars… yet again different if we are trying to develop character and sportsmanship among the populace… or the participants… and so on, ad infinitum.

Fanta IS Coke.

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No, no, no, no.

Fanta is made by Coca Cola. It is not Coke.

It’s also possibly one of the most heart-warming tales of men’s loyalty to their capitalist masters.

Probably very OT by now.


I don’t know enough about the medical science to know to what extent hormones actually effect performance, but if it does and it’s really a problem where they want to give athletes with different biochemistries a chance, then all they have to do is the same thing they do for weight in many sports already, create classes.

However, I strongly suspect this is really far more about sexism, specifically some people’s angst about not everyone appearing to their eyes to fit obviously into their preconceived notions of femininity and masculinity, and a media that’s shamelessly willing to stoke that bigotry and cloak it in legitimacy for ratings.

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I think the Olympics are very much about us all being Greek masters watching the slaves play the games we make for them. Slaves don’t have choices.

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