Famous athlete known for doping has questions about trans athletes

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Gawd, what a dope.

Hey Lance,


Lance Armstrong somehow finds a way to retroactively ruin the otherwise great Vince Vaughn movie Dodgeball… again.


Must be a very different Lance to the guy who sued people constantly, and destroyed careers, for the sin of Just Asking Questions about performance and unfairness.

Look, lots of cyclists dope(d) but Lance was utterly despised not because of that, because it would have been hypocritical - everyone who came second to him in the TdF was caught doping, but because he was a colossal seeping arsehole. That’s what made him stand out, just what a fucking dick he was and evidently is.




He actually has the audacity to claim he was “cancelled.” If there is a more perfect piece of evidence that “cancelled” means “facing consequences”, I haven’t seen it.


You would think that Lance Armstrong, of all people, would understand what the effects of having an orchidectomy are for amab athletes.

Then again, he was doping before he found out he had cancer, so maybe he doesn’t.


I like Matthew Dowd’s response to this: “In the last 24 hours, we have Lance Armstrong lecturing people about sports fairness, Meghan McCain lecturing people about nepotism, GOP lecturing people about law and order, white evangelical leaders praising/worshiping Trump…we live in a world where many lack mirrors.” And then Armstrong had the audacity to reply and tell Dowd to climb down from his high horse, just proving Dowd’s point.


It seem he’s latching on to TERF bigotry to try to regain relevance after he disgraced himself. Slimy but not surprising in the least.


Oscar Pistorious was less slimy


Let he who is without performance enhancing drugs cast the first question.
– John 8:7, paraphrased


If being a trans athlete was a form of cheating, he’d have tried it by now.


Funny this is coming from the guy who was willing to turn his grape(s) into raisin(s) to win a few bike races


Thank you for expanding my vocabulary.


So if his argument that elite women athletes are being discriminated against, rather than the bogeyman of trans athletes, probably be much more helpful if women were getting equal pay, instead of homeopathic doses of what the men get paid. I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded sharing half his pay with the number one woman. Gender Pay Gap in Cycling | Equal Pay for Female Cyclists


It sounds like Thom Dunn would be a decent guest for Armstrong to invite on his podcast.

I don’t know if they’d even want to be on it.


If trans athletes are so amazing, why aren’t they on every team?

Still waiting for an answer on that one…

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These discussions almost always focus on trans women and girls and rarely on trans men and boys. If you’re going to insist that people compete based on their gender assigned at birth, trans men and boys will be competing in women’s and girl’s divisions, where they absolutely will have an advantage if they have been taking testosterone. This is as much a result of misogyny as it is transphobia. A nine year old cis girl recently was recently accused of being trans. Nine! At that age, there’s not a lot of difference between boys and girls physically yet anyway, because puberty hasn’t started yet for most. Certainly not for boys at that age. Caster Semenya, who was assigned female at birth, raised as a girl, and who identifies as a woman, has an intersex condition which results in higher than typical testosterone levels, and the IAAF banned her from competition unless she takes testosterone suppressing medicine. Can you imagine someone trying this with a male athlete who has a naturally higher than typical testosterone level? Fuck no, they’d praise the guy for being blessed and say this is what God meant for him. This is all bullshit fear mongering. Jesus. There are so few of us to begin with. Just let us live our lives, dammit. That’s all any of us want.


I mean I’ve never been into playing sports, I did officiate soccer for some 20+ years at every level short of professional and NCAA. Mostly competitive club teams and High School but also the under 6 and adult league games. Almost at every level their were teams that consisted of both genders. Soccer is pretty physical, but I never really noticed an unfair advantage based off gender. Other than maybe boys soccer seemed to get funded better and taken more seriously. I never saw boys on a “girls club” but I did see plenty of girls playing on boys teams. When you had the adults or the the really young kids it was pretty much a given the teams would be mixed gender. I don’t really see any reason why they need to split up the sports by gender. There were enough divisions/leagues based on skill/competitive level. Kids often played “up” and age level if they were motivated. I mean ultimately for 99% of the players its a game why get so up in arms about this crap?