Yet another ICE custody death: Mexican national, 44, dead in Georgia

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The death is the 7th in ICE custody since October 2018

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Worth noting, this is the 7th death in ICE custody that we know about. They do not have a record of being forthright or transparent.


Since October 2018 to now what is the average number of people in ICE custody?

Wikipedia put the average daily count at ~42,500 in 2018 and it is probably higher now.

7 out of 42,500 in 10 months = 19.8/100,000 per year.

Average death rate for entire US population is 863.8/100,000 per year, lower if you take out older folks, but still way higher than 19.8/100000/year

how about if you compare cause of death? How many of those 863.8 are from treatable causes? how about causes that they could have gotten treatment for if they were not locked up?


I was going to say the same thing. They are… swamp water opaque.

Hah. “Treatable” is relative. As is “could have gotten treatment for.” Those of us who are “free” are in many ways also blocked from the help we need by our broken system. When you have people committing crimes so they can go into prison and get the medical help they need, shit’s pretty fucked up for everyone not rocking a healthy stock portfolio.

Basically, I’m betting a lot of those deaths could have ben prevented as well.

" There are three kinds of lies : lies, damned lies, and statistics."

Efforts should be made to keep the prisoners alive.

Effort isn’t even being made to bathe, clean, and feed them.

If they are statistically not dying as fast as the rest of us, then perhaps we should all get locked up for our safety?

It’s possible they have a lower death rate compared to the “entire US population” because they can’t walk into traffic, drive into a tree, fall off a bridge, get hit by a speeding boat, board the wrong airplane, or do any of the other things that free, non-incarcerated people get to do every day.

Maybe instead of the death rate for the entire population, you should narrow your focus down to how many people are dying each year in our prisons? And even then you have to take into account so many variables that it still won’t honestly be comparable; like gang violence, grudges, lifers with nothing to look forward to, etc. But it will be a statistic.

ETA don’t forget to count how many are dying just trying to get into the US before they can end up in a concentration camp. Those are preventable deaths as well, and it’s all the shit that’s being placed in their way by our government that is getting them killed.


Minimizing the death toll and trying to draw false equivalence to general population all-causes death statistics serves to enable fascism.


Yep - case in point about ICE care:

" Last July, the Sante Fe Dreamers Project and the ACLU helped win freedom for 14 trans women at the facility after a federal court injunction ordered ICE to halt blanket denials of asylum claims at some of field offices.

Allegra Love, executive director of the Sante Fe Dreamers Project, told INTO last year that two of the women released had been going blind because they were denied syphilis treatment.

“We had to rush five people to the emergency room as soon as they got out of the prison on Saturday,” Love said at the time."


So you are defending their record? If so, could you please just say so plainly? Statistics make it so easy to hide one’s true position. These are human being we’re talking about, not numbers in a chart.


this is what i was trying to get at.


If you think ICE conventration camps are good, go stay in one. Thousands are dead. Hundreds of thousands of lives destroyed, ans here you are pretending that it’s all good, man.

“less deaths than general US if you ignore medical conditions, age, etc [for concentration camp deaths but not general US]”

Please. Go. Stay in the camp. But first, set my people free.


I know. I was trying to point out for many of us the things we can do to keep ourselves healthy and alive aren’t really options, thanks to the high cost of healthcare, the disincentives surrounding an event like $2k for an ambulance ride, exorbitant hospital expenses, and price gouging drug manufacturers.

Even outside of a concentration camp, more people are suffering and dying than should have to in a civilized country.


damn right they are concentration camps, only one kind of people being confined there against the law and it’s not white visa-overstays

so tell me, why isn’t he going to immediately ramp all this up to next-level the very hour that congress goes on summer recess? not like they changed anything anyway up to now but they did shine a spotlight for a few seconds

now they won’t even be around to speak up, so it’s likely going to become 100x worse


In civilized parts of the world, this is called “ethnic cleansing.” There were people put in prison for it after Bosnia. We don’t subscribe to the International Criminal Court, so Trump et al have nothing to worry about.


Already lots of good replies to your post, but I will add:

When you take someone prisoner, their well-being is now your responsibility. Any harm that comes to them is on you.

7 dead out of 42k is 7 too many. ICE and the Trump administration are fully responsible for those deaths.


If deaths in custody are not as common as in the general population, then clearly we are feeding the prisoners too much and not beating them enough. Somebody tell Stephen Miller about this.


Here are 2 of those 7 reported deaths in custody (29% of them, Mr. Statistics):

That doesn’t count those who die shortly after being released from custody, as in this case:

You want to run the numbers, try running them against child mortality in the U.S. as compared to total mortality.


Lots of people in that Twit thread talk about the GOP “waking up.”



Read about another “Gilded Age.”


That quote is apocryphal:


Good catch. Sorry about the mistake.

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