Yet another incredibly charming moment with Barack Obama

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He is such a class act.


History will probably never remember any of his faults in office because of the orange demon who came after him.

This is just wonderful, the man is a human being and a kind, sincere one at that.

How the hell we went from him to this Orange creature is almost unfathomable


“Thanks a lot, Obama!”

(No, seriously, thanks.)


performative bs. obama droned the shit out of thousands and thousands and is responsible for locking up children at the border. he’s a goddamned centrist at best, and has hoodwinked the whole lot of you into thinking he’s cool and progressive. liberalism, not even once. be better, bb ppl.


You’re right that he’s far from perfect. That doesn’t take away from:

  1. He’s leagues ahead of the dufus who came before him
  2. Light-years ahead of the idiot who came after
  3. He was able to bring healthcare to millions (even though US healthcare is still broken)
  4. He’s an inspiration to many just because he is the first black man to become president

We can celebrate the good things he’s done while still holding him accountable for the terrible things.


We don’t know what an Obama presidency without Republican obstructionism would have looked like. Both siderism, or at least the lack of recognition that the democrats were far from perfect but preferable to the republicans, encouraged many people to not vote for democrats, and helped enshrine McConnell as a force for evil in the US.


I just loved the fact that I could listen to a POTUS and not want to punch anything, even if I disagreed because I know politics means you don’t always get everything.

My knuckles were red under the W admin. They’re practically bloody after the last 4 years. If I lived in KY, they would probably be down to the bone.

C’mon, GA. We need your help!


he’s the other side of the coin to gw bush. also, whataboutism is not an argument. you mean he was able to give billions and billions to the for-profit healthcare in this country under the guise of increasing access to care. yay such good care, we’re just swimming if free quality care for everyone with no costs. i find inspiration among ppl who put their lives on the line to lift up proles, not someone who is bought and paid for by wall street and big pharma. is your life so bereft of ppl doing good work that obama is the best you can aspire to?

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It’s been said higher up, but we never saw an Obama presidency without being constantly obstructed by the Republicans. We can’t therefore blame all of the US government failures 2008-2016 on the man alone. It’s just not historically or scientifically viable to assign causation without having a control.

We never got a control for Obama. We don’t usually in history.

The man is a class act, he also droned thousands. He is both. He was also better than rank incompetence and frothing megalomania.


Who hurt you?

Post is about someone who no longer holds public office being a reasonable, entertaining human being.

Not sure why we’ve had to make the pivot to digging up job performance 4 years ago, but okay.


Thank you, came here to share this fact. Sadly, liberals have had to vote the last number of elections in reactionary fear of the Republican nightmare we previously had in the White House. History isn’t going to be as kind to Obama anywhere near as our delusional trauma continues to justify.

Hence why we’ve elected another healthcare anti-reformist/pro-war hawk. But hey on some metric he’s better than his predecessor—a pathetic act of reasoning that would cause the Founding Father’s to cry tears of disbelief.


Obama certainly had his flaws and put in place certain policies that further increased presidential powers in a troublesome way including some really questionable decisions when it came to bombing countries that the US isn’t officially at war with. There were quite a few episodes of sites that were known to have no insurgents that got bombed by drones and there was no accountability or repercussions.

I think Obama is a great man and i admire him, and he certainly did his best to put the country in a positive direction but he’s not faultless. I do however miss him being the leader of this country, and his interactions to this day with citizens is really heart warming. I’m glad that he still inspires and gives people hope.


I’ll stop mentioning your whattaboutism when you stop doing it. The ACA was a compromise necessitated by weak support in the legislature. Had there been solid democratic support and a wider vote margin, yes, it would have been built better than it is. Remember the president who railed against Citizens United? The Supreme Court decision that gives corporations more power in controlling government? Remember one party saying that even if you’re not crazy about the candidate, it’s pretty important to have her in office if nothing else for the Supreme Court? There’s now a six three majority in office in favor of Citizens United. Even the compromised law helped many people, and more are covered than before. The change in healthcare law covering pre-existing conditions has helped many. If people on the left consistently supported the party that’s more progressive, (hint, it rhymes with themocrats), we could have a more progressive country, instead of having to worry about what the bluish purple West Virginia congressman thinks. It would be great if there was a blue-green party, more than it is now.


You sound disappointed and rather… irate.


The slave owning Founding Father’s? The slave raping ones? The Native American massacring ones? Who only let white men vote? You might want to choose somebody else as a paragon of virtue.


better video

Your disappointment is noted.

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These are the presidents who were elected after I became old enough to vote: Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush-2, Obama, Trump. Please rank them in order from best to worst.

If you believe that Obama was a bad president, then I’d like to know which of those men you consider to be good. Or if they’re ALL bad presidents, then I think your issue is not with the person in the office, but with the country that elects the president.

For kicks, you can also add Carter, Ford, Nixon and Johnson to the list if you like. I doubt that Obama’s presidential legacy will fall much even if you go back almost 60 years for comparison.


Nah. We’re into nuance here, not binary tribalism.