Yoda spotted in Tupelo Mississippi

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While you were here in Nashville I hope you stopped at Bongo Java, once home of the “Nun Bun”, which was sadly stolen. Maybe there’s something you could have found in Mississippi that would have helped round out your Pareidolia Tour.

Nope, it’s Yoda.

That’s nothing – the Nixon administration was able to secretly retro-manipulate the Idaho-Montana border to create a giant profile of the Tricky One.


Thanks, now Georgia is going to be on my mind, the whole day through.


Is it me or does that peach pit look like something well, it shouldn’t look like? Yes, prurient thoughts abound. I’m just sayin’.

And to think, Pot isn’t even legal in Mississippi.

I don’t know much about Georgia, I’ll admit. However, what I do know is that South Carolina, which is the state directly above the “Yoda state”, is where the movie The Notebook was set. By far, the most distressing thing about the film was the ending. When elderly Allie was asking old Noah, “Can our love do anything?” and they were getting all whispery and sentimental in the hospital bed, I thought for sure we were gonna be treated to one final, satisfying coital session. But instead they just died.

Very disappointed I was.

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