You are invited to Iowa to witness the dance of the prairie chickens




I live 70 miles away in Des Moines and had no idea this was a thing. Come on BoingBoing, Iowa isn’t just Prairie Chickens and Wind Generator blades on the interstate.

Last summer, David Byrne (yes, that one) came to town for our 80/35 music festival. He was so impressed with Des Moines that he wrote three blog posts about it. He’s now speaking at the grand opening of the permanent home of the Des Moines Social Club.

Over the years, I’ve submitted many of my fellow Des Moinians’ art projects and things of note, and all you seem to be interested in deals with the cliches you assume. Why don’t you send someone here to visit? You might be surprised at what we can offer.

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Don’t take this the wrong way, because I’m sure David Byrne is nice, but I would totally come out for a prairie chicken dance before a David Byrne show if I had the choice.

Well, it’s also home of the great Presidential Candidate Caucus Dance every 4 years. (We’re starting to see the preliminary rounds for the '16 hootenanny.) Oddly enough, despite the fact we will host most national and regional political-beat reporters at least once in their careers, the cliches keep coming. Worse yet, the dancers get weirder every cycle.

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