You are Michael Jackson, and you must defeat Michael Jackson

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Genesis? This isometric viewpoint is far more reminiscent of the arcade Moonwalker than any console port.


Jacko was definitely always his own worst enemy.

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you bet your ass he can transform in to a spaceship.


While the name literally translates to “michael and michael” in italian, I take it also as a subtle reference to Italian conceptual artist Alighiero e Boetti (once again, literally, “Alighiero and Boetti”) who figuratively divided himself into two persons between his first and last name.

This game is so messed up. Where the hell are Jimi Hendrix and Jimi Hendrix?


He lost his battle with the man in the mirror.


You’re asking me to beat the other michael?


Seems like Michael Jackson figured out early on that to defeat Michael Jackson he needed to exploit his weakness to children.

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The arcade version had the isometric viewpoint so this is likely where the assets were stolen from.

The Genesis version of Moonwalker is a masterpiece. Great side scrolling action and superb 16-bit renditions of his music. I remember playing the shit out of it. The various sprites and animations were expertly crafted. Yeah, it was ridiculous but still a great title.

Even as a youngster I remember feeling slight unease when the rescued children would exclaim “Michael!” upon being rescued. This was before all of the molestation allegations.


And when you think it can’t get weirder… Shoulder monkey guide.


I thought I’d seen the Jukebox Coin Flip rendered on the Genesis, but YT doesn’t seem to back that up.

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Hah I totally forgot about that!

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