You can buy Sammy Davis Jr.'s Rolls Royce that Frank Sinatra gifted him

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it has been suggested it was owned by a Mafia boss in the New York area and it is said that this accounts for its revision to a full Mason’s black livery with blacked out windows that it still wears.

Forget the windows. Somebody ought to check out that weird smell coming from the trunk.


All Royces of that era did that, they never managed to make the seals in the trunk boot lid work properly and mud got in. Why do you think the company name got acquired by BMW?


I can’t, actually.


Not a bad price for a Rolls.


Can we please go back to saying “gave?”


“John gifted Bill a kick in balls.”

Yep. You’re right.


I’d be mightily tempted if it were smog exempt. (Hell, maybe it is these days… I’ve lost track of the legislation.) Just imagining smogging a '77 British car gives me hives. Domestic ones just give me a nosebleed.


I mean this is just annoying, there’s a photo of the car here. It is clearly not 5% limo blackout tinted. Sooooooo by copy pasting that you’ve perpetuated in part, fake news, congrats!

Buyers notes: (from the usual source)

The Camargue received a varied reception, having ranked as one of the “10 Worst Cars” as chosen in 2010 by readers of the Globe and Mail having ranked 38 in the 2005 book Crap Cars by Richard Porter (the author saying the car “looked utterly terrible)” and having ranked 92 in a 2008 poll of the 100 ugliest cars of all time by readers of The Daily Telegraph. Autoblog said the Camargue had been ranked “conspicuously low on the list,” adding the Camargue “really was horrid, no matter how well it sold.”

In response, noted automotive journalist James May said the Camargue “is not ugly, either. It has presence, like that pug-faced but well-dressed bloke down the pub.”

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It’s one of the more extraordinary Rolls Royces because the body was designed by Pininfarina. If I had the cash on hand, I’d definitely throw down for the Pininfarina Candyman Roller.

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Would you say that you are disappointed in Boing Boing?


Perhaps they didn’t find bb’s copy unique enough?

I doubt they have an editor for David’s posts and the transgression is inconsequential, I was simply pointing it out. Every time b.s. gets repeated blindly, somewhere Jesus rips the wings off of a butterfly

James May would know - I would not be surprised if he bought the car.

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