You can now fact-check Trump's tweets while on Twitter with a cool new Washington Post browser plugin


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Is this really fact-checking?

Most of the Trump tweets I have seen are generally fact-free. What’s there to check?


Is @xeni commissioning disturbing @beschizza Drumpf shoops now?


Keep 'em coming.


no no no no no no no
stop, please, i beg of you


Agreed. I find them easier on the eyes than actual photos.


You do know that only encourages @beschizza.



Oh Dear God… The man can’t even spell - it’s “unprecedented”


I’m afraid this plugin will have little impact. The people who most need it are the ones least likely to install it.


That image triggers my trypophobia super hard. I get itches and bumps head to toe. I know it doesn’t affect too many people but damn it would be nice if I never had to look at a gross Trump/Hillary 'shop again. Thinking of unsubcribing to the RSS feed for the next eight years.


US citizens can just rest assured that 100% that comes out’a tRump’s mouth is bullshit, pure bullshit.


i installed one that was supposed to replace pix of trump with cats. didn’t work – the evil is too strong.


Really, you could just have a plug-in that comments on tRump’s tweets by randomly selecting between “Lying,” “Fucking lying,” and “Christ, what a lying asshole.”


Easiest plug in ever. Replace all text with “BULLSHIT” and all speech with the QI klaxon


Exactly. It would be more useful if they just retweeted with comment, and/or replied.


Is there a plug-in to fact check Washington Post? How can anyone take them seriously after the ‘russian propaghanda’ accusations (based on an anonymous and wonky source) that sites like Truthdig and Naked Capitalism are Russian propaghanda outlets? They published a fuvking LIST, of 200 sites, several were venerated progressive sites. And it’s owned by Jeff Bezos, who has CIA contracts worth more than what he paid for the fucking Post. I know we all have jobs and kids and shit, but it takes 10 minutes to figure out who the government stenographers and partisan hacks are.


The next step will be for the right to start questioning whether arguments should be based upon facts, or whether fact-based reasoning was some type of philosophical dead end that emerged during the Enlightenment and has been leading Western civilization astray ever since.

(I’m only half-joking.)


Yeah, but who checks the fact checkers??? Liberal sources have ‘fake’ news too. Just look at the NYT and Rolling Stone debacles.


While I’m sure you’re well aware, the NYT is not liberal. The only way you could believe something so ridiculous would be if you never read the NYT and had a definition of ‘liberal’ that meant “worthless corporate editorial policies with an unwitting bias towards the right by virtue of presenting propaganda and deliberate deception in an effort to bring ‘balance’.”

If you’re reading Rolling Stone hoping for an unbiased news source you’ve failed at life, should give up any claims to being politically informed, and never speak of any current events with anyone ever again.