You can rent a fake Shibuya Scramble crossing for $8,000 a day

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BYOE, I assume.

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Oddly, I want to go to there.

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Yep. It looked like a significant proportion of the scramblers had the same idea.

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I was wondering whether those were the “attendants” at ¥25,000 per day.

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Or you pull a Sofia Coppola and just shoot without permits. I still don’t understand how something like that doesn’t result in prosecution if you admit to it after the fact.


this article implies that Sofia Coppola at least tried to stay legal, but for Tokyo Drift, the filmakers hired a fall guy for when the police came.

But I’ve seen neither film


But it will be just a matter of time before this gets too popular, and they’ll need a Ashikaga Scramble City Studio Studio, in which a fake version of the Ashikaga Scramble City Studio is recreated.

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You’re missing out. Both are great, in their own way.

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It’s a shame that they never used Nara Dreamland in a similar way as an alternative for people who wanted to make movies that take place at Disneyland but couldn’t afford it.

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