You can take a diving tour of the Titanic wreck for $125,000 beginning May 2021

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But thanks for the offer.


Useless if you can’t have a selfie with you and the Titanic on the back.

I’d rather dive deep and look for new creatures in the abyss! Do they have those yet??

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Titanic lies in what, like 13,000 feet of water? that’s around 400 atmos of pressure, or quick calculation… 5,500 psi pressure on the submersible. have there been any crewed dives to her? or just drone subs? a craft big enough for that crew would has tremendous pressure all around it, ready to crumple it like an empty beer can.
I’m with Tamsin on this little adventure - hard pass.

I’ll stick to diving the wrecks and reefs just offshore from home, thanks!


Hard to see the appeal. The view out of those teeny portholes on deep-dive submersibles is not great. I once saw an interview (with James Cameron, I think?) where he said that he was struck by the fact that on one of these dives he realized that the occupants were spending all their time looking at the pretty views on the camera monitors and barely looked out the portholes directly at all. So if what you’re looking for is the experience of seeing the wreck up close and getting a sense of presence, a better, safer, cheaper option might be to send down an ROV on a fiber optic cable that has high-res stereoscopic cameras, and control the thing in real time while using VR goggles. With high-end gear it would be about as immersive as scuba diving. Due to the reduction in risk you could probably even allow the rich tourists to pilot the ROVs themselves, which seems like it would be a lot more fun than sitting in a cramped metal ball and pretending to take science notes.


Or you can just listen to The Sinking of the Titanic by Gavin Bryars…

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