You can use a mini bluetooth game controller as an iPad hotkey gadget

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To be clear, that’s not something you can do in general – it looks like he’s using one of those apps that makes your iPad into a Cintiq, and presumably pairing the BT controller to his PC, where it’s easy to map game controller buttons to keyboard input.

If he were drawing in an iPad app, this would only be possible if the app explicitly supported it. Even if the app supports keyboard shortcuts, as far as I’m aware there is no way to set up a gamepad to generate those shortcuts.

I don’t think this is true. With a little digging it appears that she is using Clip Studio Paint on the iPad not a drawing pad emulator. This works because the app supports Bluetooth keyboards and many BT game controllers have an option to emulate keystrokes instead of joystick inputs.

Oh. I assumed it was a (quite specific type of) boy because they were drawing a female manga character.

Still and all, it seems like a pretty narrow set of circumstances where this would be useful with iOS apps. Keyboard shortcuts are not super widely supported (though I think apps using NSUndoManager support Cmd-Z by default), and if you have an “iPad-compatible” (MFi) gamepad, that won’t emulate a keyboard.

Huh I wonder if you can do the same with Nintendo Switch joycons (yes, they can connect to Win/Mac)

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