Review of an ultra-tiny but usable Bluetooth gamepad controller -- the 8Bitdo Zero 2

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I have one of the 8Bitdo Zero controllers and it’s marginal for my hands, but would be great for a child or anyone with smaller hands. I’m looking but I can’t find much difference between the two models. Looks like there are small mostly cosmetic differences. Though it does look like the new one uses a different electronics as it has updatable firmware while the older FC30 model does not. That could be handy to ensure compatability going forward. I’ll give 8bitdo credit for supporting their products well. Lose the manual? No problem, just head over to the support page. (and yes, you won’t remember where you put the tiny little manual for your tiny little controller and, at some time, you’ll forget what all the buttons to to pair it, etc.)

I have a the older model, and it works quite well for arcade games on my mac. I just wish I could use it on iDevices, too.

I’d worry more about the lifespan of the non-replaceable battery.

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They generally depend on the number of charge/discharge cycles (as long as you don’t leave them discharged for long periods of time) and mine takes weeks to discharge, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that method of death. If worse comes to worst, open it up and replace it? Might be difficult. Yeah, it seems glued or sonically welded, replacement might be hard.

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I don’t have any of those, so I can’t speak to that. I have used mine with Linux and Android.

FYI: 8bitdo now also offers a wireless mouse with a 3D Touch panel:



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