You cannot buy this beautiful TV set from Samsung


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So, uh, why can’t we buy it? Is it just a design concept or something? Don’t tease us with the headline and then fail to put any explanation whatsoever in the story.


@robotech Indeed, other sources (eg. explicitly give a date when you can buy it, provided you’re in the correct location (UK, Sweden, Denmark or France). Given the price though, I guess it’s for people that don’t watch much TV, just invite people over to show off their expensive furniture.


Not entirely persuaded that because TVs in the past had to be furniture and that consequent turning necessity into virtues of tasty expression is quite so thoughtful. Such taste, characterised as possibly being bad and - regardless - foisted, suggests the author also has doubts about that argument.


If y’cain’t get it in the US of A, it ain’t fer sale.


Red? I appreciate the effort at design, but red? Maybe if it was red maple.


As an aside, there was an urban myth in the 1970s that TVs with legs were eligible for DHSS furniture grants, and so could be bought by benefit claimants at the taxpayer’s expense.


Lovely. But there should be a rule that all devices that require a visible cord have said cord displayed in their artistic photo shoots. The shot of the TV by itself, on its own legs, seems dishonest without acknowledging the dangly wire that will be trailing down from it.



Or as is the case at my house, a thick proboscis of wires bundled together.

[power, cable, xbox 360, xbone, ps3, ps4, wii, optical out…I’m sure I’m forgetting a couple here.]


Aren’t all cats supercilious?


The good ones are.


I don’t mind the ultra-plainess of current tvs (physically, the UI could always use some work) but I think the nadir of tv design was probably the eighties (our first tv had silver and wood paneling with ps2-front like lines cut for the speakers), and the ‘black nineties’ weren’t much better. We had a Sony trinitron where the speakers never did really sit right on the set, and taken off they just looked like misplaced apostrophe props from Sesame Street, but with a blood red cord haphazardly sticking out. Not to mention like a lot of plastic from the era the corner of the tv started to get a cloudy matte rot on it.


Fair, but if you’re in the US, and sufficiently motivated (and funded), you can get pretty much anything that’s only for sale elsewhere.


That’s really all you need.


…cellphones, you’re talking about cellphones right?


My first thought upon seeing the TV was “well, the cats would probably like that one”


“2001” nailed it.


Truly, a TV designed for “vertical video”.


God Bless Curtis Mathes and the 1970s.

Shit, all it lacks are bell bottoms and some red, white, and blue trim stickers.