Best review of a horrible curved Samsung TV


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Are there any large TVs that don’t come with shitty bloatware (hint: all TV software = shitty), ad-ridden menus, and the like?

I would pay a premium for a TV without those features. Are you listening, manufacturers?


Is your Android fridge really that bad, Mark? :stuck_out_tongue:
I was actually contemplating getting one.

Edit: …oh, and as for curved televisions, I bet Stevie Wonder is making a lot more money in patent royalties than he ever did from making music.


Our TV doesn’t have anything like that. But it’s not a “smart” TV, and we don’t have any sort of cable service, so the only menu I have to navigate is the PS4’s.


I’m thinking that the 40 inch screen is too small for any of the alleged benefits to show up. People were rightly skeptical when curves appeared on 55 inch screens.

So you’re seeing all the flaws associated with curved screens, and not getting any of the benefits (which, let’s be honest, are mostly associated with projected images.)


Quite liking my 27" Sony CRT. It’s got a curved screen too :slight_smile:


I seriously wonder what sort of research is done that allows such stupid product ideas to make it to Market. The only scenario I could see making a curved tv worthwhile is if you are sitting in a recliner perfectly centered and the proper distance from the screen. Oh yeah… You also have to be sitting in an absolutely dark room.


The Samsung “edge” phone with the curved sides doesn’t get a much better review than this TV from my wife (I got the Note, so jokes on h*BOOM*, jk, Note 5). She has to hold it super awkwardly to avoid hitting the edge, and the apps that make use of it are pretty useless. In about 15 yeas of cellphone use I’ve also never seen her drop her phone until this phone. Slippery little devil. Curved displays, thus far, are a solution in search of a problem.


I don’t understand why they use names like UN40K6250AF.


We bought an el cheapo Hisense tv on Amazon Prime Day, and you know what, the apps are actually pretty good. I use the built-in Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube apps all the time. They’re good enough that I only use my chromecast these days for Plex.


It’s pronounced just like it’s spelled.


Exactly. I just want a display, not a computer.

Why does everything have to be a computer, or come with its own little computer in it? Sometimes you just don’t need all that extra whizbangery.


We just put up a 55" Samsung flatscreen. After the obligatory 2 days of tweaking, we are happy with it, but note that almost none of the apps that came with it are apps we can use (i.e., no Amazon Prime, and we may have to bring back our Roku box for some viewing) and we can’t delete them without problems. Bloatware, indeed.


Huh, really? I have the S7Edge and I love the thing. I do always use a case on my phone though, so I haven’t had any dropping problems. Yeah, the edge menu option isn’t super useful, but it’s not annoying either (what is annoying is that Samsung Pay keeps popping up and I don’t use it and can’t delete it.)


To be fair, all digital monitors are a computer. Mice, keyboards, and drives are all computers as well. It’s networks all the way down!


I only want display capabilities, just like I only want control capabilities with keyboards and mouses.


And at sizes considerably larger than 40-55"

Really, unless the distance from your set to the couch is about the radius of the set’s curvature, you’re actually getting a worse picture than a flat screen of the same size.

When you have a projector than can take up the whole wall, you might make a case for a curved screen. Maybe.
Depends on the wall. And the projector.


We bought a non-smart Samsung. I’m not at home, but I think it was a (much) smaller version of this one.

The smarts is in my Roku. If I need more smarts, maybe I’ll get a Chromecast or something. I don’t need other smarts.


I think the “2” is silent.


Like the 3 in Hen3ry, got it.