You could win $1,000,000 instantly by listening to this McDonald's record

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I have one of these. As I understand it they were like buying a scratch ticket, play to find out if you won.

Same here, though I have clearer memories of this one:

Like many lottery winners, the winner had a sad story to tell.


(Heh. I have a couple of those Burger King ALF flexis they describe in the article.)

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Well, at least with this promotion, unlike the scratch-offs, everyone actually had a chance to win.


I remember when cereal companies sometimes had records stamped on the side of the box. Just cut them out and play them on the record player. The most shocking thing to me is my parents letting me play them on their record player.


Winning this would be just dumb luck. Getting an iron-on Big Mac shirt transfer by listing all of the ingredients in under 3 seconds (“TwoAllBeefwewijoewjiewfoiewfojiSmeeSeedBun!”) despite only being 8 tho? That shit’s earned by pure talent.

Yep. Had couple of those when I was a kid. Halloween horror stories on the back of a Honeycomb box.

It’s incredible how few people benefit from a windfall like this. They take the lump-sum, spend it as if they have 100x what they actually won. They either give much of it away to their extended extended family or they give none of it away: either way, their family invariably implodes because of it.

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