"You Died"

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Thank you, I needed that.


Yeah, I cannot play those games, neither parenting or Dark Souls


I actually laughed :joy:


i thought that was the end of resident evil when you die.


This would have been funny if the punchline wasn’t both in the headline and the thumbnail.

Goodbye, Beschizza the Excursionist...
You died in the Dungeons of Doom on Level 12 with 9,231 points and 883 pieces of gold. 
You were level 8 with a maximum 51 hit points when you died.

**Do you want to see your attributes?** y

You were nominally aligned.
You caused conflict.
You were an atheist.
You never hit with a wielded weapon.
You used no wishes.
You were lucky.
You were sleep resistant.
You are dead.

If it’s any consolation, engulfing/swallowing monsters like that are really tough.


congrats on the kid. They sure do put anything they can in their mouths, don’t they?


Alternative Title: “You Got Dribbled”


Me neither, I can never decide what build to go for.

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Dark Souls is fun, everyone in the know knows that its really all about dat armor fashion

Edit: Hmmm. Full image isn’t loading, i guess click it

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All of them

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I feel that I’m to old to learn to use a controller.
I’m sure that it is easier than with m/k.

I don’t know, haven’t tried the PC version so i can’t say. But can’t be terribly harder, it’s not twitch type of gaming so mouse and keyboard should serve you well

There is no lock-on with m/k. So circle-strafing… can’t do it.

An “A” or “D” key-press takes the player character away from the adversary, the longer the press the farther away. The same with rolling. So the character has to run away after every strike. That combined with how long it takes for my character to get up makes for a deadly combination.

I don’t mean for this explanation to indicate that I have some excuse for being lame, I don’t.

Hilarious. Love it. I’m playing a lot of Dark Souls 2 these days, but I’m thinking of firing up the first one again. Is it still frequented enough?

Wait, what? Can you not just walk sideways while reorienting?

Well, sure. But walking sideways does not maintain distance.

Too late kiddo, I died from cholera on the Oregon Trail a long time ago.


Came looking for a Nethack comment. Not disappointed. :smiley: