You just eyeballed calling cards from UK's 1970s CB radio heyday

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Man I remember these. I had bunches of them made at the ‘Barras’, being from Glasgow. Great fun at time which for was in early eighties. It was legal then, didn’t stop some who had burners wiping out all the TV stations on your TV for miles around !

Right now I can’t even remember my Handle but it was probably something stupidly embarrassing anyhow !
(oh, I got into trouble for burning hole in my room carpet with battery acid before being old enough to have a car to fit one)


And yet when I do this sort of thing, everyone’s all “WTF, how did you figure out who I am IRL” and “you’re banned from the Overwatch team, you creepy stalker.”


“I met a girl at the party and I gave her my card”
“Man, you know that it said ‘Napoleon Bonaparte’!”
–MCA, then Mike D


“Dart Player?”

I bet half the CB radio uses in he UK could have used hat handle.


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