CB radio trash talk from 1969


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I remember my friends that were still in high school in the early 90s mentioning that our scene, the type of kids who got all their clothes from thrift stores, started also picking up cheap, used CB radios from there and putting them in their cars. They had a channel or two that they all used. I thought it was neat but I was already across the state in college; I wasn’t part of that scene, unfortunately.


I want to hear the one where the trucker keeps telling the other trucker to get out of the way and they go back and forth like that for 20 minutes until one of them says he’s actually in a lighthouse.


I remember the CB craze of the 70s. I had a dictionary of CB jargon and dreamed of having my own CB radio. My handle was going to be Packrat.


That brings back memories. Back in the 70s had a nice 40ch SSB in my car, and a 23ch walkie that ran on 10(!) AA batteries, or 12 (!!) NiCad AAs. There was a metal spacer you slipped in if you were using regular AAs, that took up the space of 2 batteries.

The SSB unit was fun, but people got pissed if you broadcast side band on the lower 23. There were a lot of unwritten rules of conduct that you had to pick up.


What memories! Those Lafayette electronic catalogs were porn to 10 year-old me.


How did you fit the 12 NiCads in it if the holder was for 10? My handhelds take 8*AA.


Those ridiculous accents! OMFG.


my group of pals did this in the mid-late 80’s. it seems every decade gets a cb thrill… i hope it’s still happening.



I have a couple of UHF CBs. Its all business and very easy to find an empty channel.


Whenever I hear about CB antics I’m immediately reminded of this:


This reminds me of listening to a NASA communications feed, if NASA was run by a surly guy named “Timber-wolf.”


I’ve heard “That the way the cookie crumbles” but NEVER “the mop flops.”


wtf no wow and flutter


I don’t have a psecific answer for the unknown model in question but it may be very similar to this:
BaoFeng BL-5 AA Battery Pack for for BF-F8HP.


My first Mad:

I didn’t know what “ignore” meant and consequently spent untold hours looking for any mention of CB radios in the magazine.


I still have stacks of MADs (mags and paperbacks) from the 70s. My most prized possessions.

My god, I’m pathetic.


I was about six years old in the mid / late 70’s. We also had a CB jargon dictionary (which I absolutely adored and read many times), but we also had walkie talkies that could pick up and transmit on CB frequencies.

My recollection is that they were enormous, black bricks, with a pull-out antenna and an on/off switch to toggle between walkie-talkie and CB radio. There was a dial for the CB frequency – it was a sort of “dimmer switch” that you had to gently twist, as though you were a safecracker working on the heist of your career.

The point of the story is, I used to find CB frequencies in use (truckers on the freeway, less than a quarter mile away), eavesdrop, and make the occasional comment. My CB career came to a frightening halt when I decided to apply my CB trucker jargon, and warn everyone on the frequency that there was a bear in the air (“police helicopter in the area”).

A pause, then much language and more anger. One guy said he knew where I lived and was on his way to beat me up. I hid the walkie talkie in the garage, and promptly retired from CB trash talk.


Time to break out this cracking tune once again: