You know it's bad when Adam Kinzinger asks Democrats to join "uneasy alliance"

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Why is it outrageous? Cross-party primary voting is a perfectly reasonable response to districts that are safe seats for one party.


If you want to do this, check your states rules. You may have to switch to independent or possibly even Republican to vote in their primary.

Other states lets you vote in either primary regardless of affiliation.

The website in the link actually answers that question for you.


I used to live in a state where you could choose which primary to vote in regardless of your party registration. Occasionally I chose to vote for the saner of two Republicans rather than my preferred Democrat. Makes sense if you don’t have a strong preference in the other contest, or one contest isn’t very close.


Or he and his terribly worried colleagues could, you know, vote with the Dems and break the fucking deadlock in order to save democracy? If they actually gave any kind of a shit for real.


This is exactly why Sinema will be so hard to unseat.


Kinzinger and Cheney are both in the House. The deadlock is in the Senate.


Ah. Still tho.


No–at the federal level, these efforts are targeting what amount to safe Republican seats (meaning gerrymandered intrastate districts and perhaps a handful of statewide races in places like Montana), which are in some cases small enough that a concerted effort to pick up a few hundred votes can swing a primary, and where the Democratic primary is, at best, an opportunity to pick somebody who will be on the downside of a 70-30 split against the Republican.

Sinema may well win her primary in 2024, but it’s unlikely to be due to Democrats jumping to vote in the Republican primary. Democrats have a vested interest in picking viable candidates of their own for statewide offices when the state as a whole is not a guaranteed red state–and Arizona is still looking pretty purple these days.


Sorry, that’s not what I meant. I mean that GQP voters will flock to her primary (and AZ is an open primary, iirc) and ensure that either she or a R get the seat. I’m not afraid of them wasting their vote on tilting the GQP field, I’m much more concerned with Dem voters not showing up at all while the GQP fields an organized campaign of disruption.


You can ask, but you may not get.


I think that unless the position of the Trumpists vis-a-vis the rump “sane” Republican party clarifies significantly before 2024, the Republicans are going to have their own hotly contested primary in Arizona, making it less likely that they’re going to cross parties.


Let’s hope so.

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Nice try, but no. If Kinzinger doesn’t like that his party has been taken over by death cultists he can leave it. Even if it makes him “uneasy”.


I’ve been mulling organised entryism to essentially take over the Tory party in the UK. The membership is not large compared to, say, labour. I haven’t got to the point of understanding what could be done with a suitably on-side membership.


For a number of years I registered as Republican because the Pennsylvania primaries are so late that my national party affiliation was meaningless.

I picked Donald Trump over Ted Cruz. To this day I still think it was the right call.

At one point I got a call from the Clinton campaign asking me to go on a list of “Republicans for Clinton”.

Oh the good ol’ days…

it’s up to kinzinger to prove he’s willing to move from lawful evil to lawful neutral at a minimum. it is in no way incumbent on democrats to agree to vote for lawful evil.


Yes, he can leave it, but the political dynamics he’s concerned about still remain. A democrat will never win Marjorie Taylor Greene’s GA-14 (R+28) district, but I dare say, John Cowan, while no where near my preferred candidate, at least wasn’t a conspiracy theorist.


There’s really not much you could do with that. The Tory party is fundamentally not a democratic organisation, where a critical mass of members could alter policy. It’s a top-down club of people who support the party. All the power rests with the leadership and (to a lesser extent) the MPs.
The membership only got the right to select the leader in 2005, and even then they only get to pick between two candidates pre-filtered by the MPs. Before that, the MPs didn’t even get a vote before 1965.


“Please save my party from letting its electorate choose Trumpists to win in these districts that my party gerrymandered to fuck with the help of the Supreme Court justice seats we stole thank you.”