Kyrsten Sinema wins Arizona Senate. Now Dems have 47 seats to GOP's 51


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And you know TPTB know it’s a fair win when this development is buried in The Wires over at Breitbart.


This is indeed good news.


A civilized Republican concession message? What year is this?

Also, way to go Senator Sinema!


1 million Latino Americans turn 18 each year for the next decade. The GOP is doomed. if it was this close this year, 2020 will be the tipping point for several others, and even worse in 2022. The Democrats need to figure out most Americans are in favor of most Progressive policies and programs (they just don’t know things like Social Security, Medicare, public roads, emergency services, 40 hour work week, etc ARE all Progressive things), and stop trying to appeal to a non-existent “middle”. Shout out loud about what policies they support and leave the labels off, and they’ll see success like many Dems did (even in Red states) this year.



Basking in the glow of Flakes replacement.


This year, the dems seemed to more or less be singing off the same page, with healthcare, healthcare and healthcare being the chief issue they were harping on. This led to batshit crazy headlines like “dems will destroy Obamacare” being thrown out in desperation by Republican candidates who suddenly realized that hugging Il Douche was not getting them elected. Could eventually total 40+ seats flipped in the house once California’s votes finally come in, and a loss of at most 2 in the Senate. Blue wave indeed. And this election favored the Republicans. 2020 favors the dems. Keep pressing!


Many Republican Senators are getting close to kicking it from this planet due to old age. It’s really just a matter of time.



Orrin Hatch has finally retired from the field and will hopefully soon reside beneath it. I think he’ll make very “attractive” fertilizer, though his toxic views may well poison everything living for a ten block radius.

Grassley, Inhofe, and Alexander are all cardiac event-adjacent, and Thad Cochran knotted the sheets and went out the window of his hospital room last year while the reaper was coming in the front door.

Opportunities abound!


Add Pat Roberts (R - Mo) he is thinking of running again at 82. JFC

“…if he runs for a fifth term, which would keep him in office through his 90th birthday, The Wichita Eagle reports.”

The dude can barely stand on his own. (I’ve seen him try) The photo used that article is not current.


This really says it – Flake left because he knew he would lose the primary. But what nobody knew was, would the crazy Trump supporter who would inevitably beat Flake, beat a Democrat?

We now know the answer, folks – the answer is:

Image result for fuck no


“Running” isn’t really a good descriptor for that campaign; more like “slowly cruising the dietary supplement aisle in a Walmart courtesy scooter.”


By less than 2%.

Crank the voter suppression a bit higher and it’ll flip back.

Who controls electoral administration in Arizona?


A win is a win is a win, and demographics look REALLY bad for the GOP each and every year moving forward. I remain hopeful.


But thanks to shit like 4chan and gamergate we have a bumper croop of young up and coming sociopath assholes.


could be worse. The Brits stand for reelection.


The Mississippi of the South West just went and amazed the shit out’a me.


McSally ran as a moderate in 2014, and was anti-Trump in 2016; she hardened her stand this year and embraced Trump in order to beat her primary opponent, who was just atrocious, but I would guess that was just political opportunism.

I expect that if John Kyl, currently in McCain’s old seat as a favor to the Governor, steps down in January, McSally will be appointed in his place.


Who would have ever thought we’d see Arizona emerging as a swing state? Strange times indeed.


This is more impressive (and more hopeful) than the numbers indicate. Arizona is the Goldwater state. And she won it with votes in Maticopa County - which re-elected Joe Arpaio for decades.

And she did this as a progressive, a woman and a bisexual.