You should be watching 'Star Wars: The Bad Batch'

Thus the reason I qualified the statement with “apparently.”

If Omega was genetically identical to Jango Fett then it seems like she’d have darker hair and a voice that sounded like all the other young clones regardless of her personal gender identity.

Yeah, I’ve always wondered about that. Master Sifo-Dyas apparently could commission the clone army just on his say-so, without telling the Jedi Council or the Republic, but sooner or later some padawan in accounts payable was going to get one hell of an invoice.

“Always two there are: an order and an invoice. Where the matching order for this nerfing invoice?!”


Also, shouldn’t they have additional customers? According to the comic relief ‘50s diner monster from Episode II the place was famous for their cloning industry (even though no one else Obi-Wan talked to had even heard of the planet).

Maybe they were cloning Wookiees or something on the next ocean platform over?

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JJBs, millions of them.

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Serious Question:

How does one tell the difference between “people taking stories too seriously” and those who are open and willing to recognise and call out poor story-telling decisions?

Game of Thrones final episodes also come to mind…

(FWIW I thought many parts of the sequel trilogy were a lot of fun.)

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I was rather hoping this was a companion piece for “Star Trek: Acid Party” :

(which you definitely should be watching).


For me the difference is in the self righteous anger, absolute statements, soap box rants, etc. I think when people say things like “wrecking the story” or “ruined it for me” then they are really hanging far too much on the story.

Jason’s story didn’t go this far but so many others do.


Yeah, that was a huge plot hole. The cost of a clone army would be huge. Maybe Palpatine is like Jeff Bezos and could put down the down payment himself.

And maybe the Kaminoans see the writing on the wall and hope to make more clones for the systems who will rebel against the Empire?



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