You won't be able to unsee this Tickle Me Elmo skinned alive


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Cool . I gotta keep an eye out for a cheap one of those.



I like the new Death Throes Elmo.


Imagine the nightmares of the Elmo assembly line workers …



Very Old Joke Alert

A new worker is on their first day at the Tickle Me Elmo production line and the line is backing up terribly. A supervisor is dispatched by the manager to check on the worker and finds them making balls from fury cloth and sewing them between the dolls’ legs. The supervisors staggers back to the manager’s office in tears of laughter. The manager asks what is wrong and the supervisor replies, “When they started work this morning I put them on Quality Assurance, I told the new worker to give each doll two test tickles.”


Yes! Kill it! Kill it with fire!



It gets weird(er) at about 1:35.


I thought it was Lou Reed, but it turned out to be the female co-lead vocalist for Scissor Sisters!


You won’t be able to unsee this Tickle Me Elmo skinned alive



Now I’m all horny.



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