Watch an Elmo doll get blasted with a jet engine


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The horror! The horror!


He’s no Super Grover!

ETA: Unless of course… How do we know that’s really a jet engine? What are the full extent of Super Grover’s powers?


That was terrifying, yet oddly satisfying.
And yes, what do you do with an Elmo doll and a jet engine? What indeed?


Elmo does NOT approve of this message.


3 billion muppet lives ended on August 29, 1997. The survivors of the nuclear fire called the war Judgment Day. They lived only to face a new nightmare, the war against the Machines.


An old supervisor worked on the SR-71 (which is one of the most awesome aircraft to ever grace the sky, IMO), and because he was a touch loony, when they did engine runs–aircraft is chained to the tarmac, engines run up…maybe to military power, maybe not–he’d go get large stones and throw them into the jet blast, after which they’d be shot backward and right through the lovely metal “blast fences” intended to deflect the engine exhaust up and away from the ground.
His supervisor didn’t find it as funny as he (or I) did…




Nearby witnesses who discovered the body report hearing someone saying, “Let’s see how many seconds Elmo can stay alive! One, two, three… ah ah ah!..”

Police are still searching for leads.


His criticism was silenced shortly after.




I share your opinion on this aircraft. It was sooo cool, and they retired it pretty unceremoniously. Boo.


A clear example of cruelty to stuffed animals.


Thanks for the nightmare fuel, Mark.


I never lked Elmo anyway…


I was hoping it’d be one of the ones with a full skeleton and it’d be all Terminator afterwards…


I didn’t know Donald Trump had a jet engine on his truck…


triggered :scream:


Where’s Mr. Bill when you need him?