You won't need a pilot's license to fly this flying car, available soon, and here's its first video


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Oh joy, an ATV for lake kids. Well, at least they’ll be harassing sailboats and not commuters.


Rolled my eyes so hard at that video i think i just suffered cranial damage. Video would’ve been effective as “cool toy to use during a tropical adventure vacation” vs “rich white people toy”


My thoughts exactly. The setting of the video definitely screamed “and you thought drunk douchebags on jetskis were annoying…!”


“Crash someone’s dinner party and make the evening all about you with the new Kitty Hawk Flyer!”


Cool, attractive people chatting on cell phones and laughing in slow-motion. What’s not to love?


I wanna burn a fatty and take one for a spin. Notice, I didn’t say if I’d be returning with it.


This looks like a terrifying and fun people-sized drone. I wonder if there will be FAA regulations like the ones they have for drones over 1lb?


I like how they blast the cheesy canned music to cover up the fact that it must sound like about four billion angry bees.

Their neighbors will soon own harpoon tow cables.


How is this in any way, shape or form a flying car?


What is the top speed on paved roads?


I strongly suspect it’s a ground-effect-only vehicle, limiting its flight ceiling and (according to a bit of blurb I found on a GEV site) technically making it a boat, and subject to maritime law not the FAA.
And maritime law doesn’t seem to care too much how high your boat flies. Er.


I was waiting for the bit in the video when the newbie tried it out, swerved into the boat and cut everyone’s heads off with the exposed blades. Fun times!

Well, it doesn’t function as a car and it doesn’t really fly - so just like all the traditional “flying cars,” really.


If you’re trying to make people confident in the reliability of your experimental aircraft then maybe you shouldn’t name it after a deathtrap that flew a grand total of four times, each of which basically ended in a crash-landing.


not so much flying car, more like flying scooter


And it corners like a drunk panda.


… or dangerous! Like a drunk jet skier but with the added bonus of death from above. SMH.


Flying floaty-toy?


I’m so glad that all the people in that video are white! /s


“I’m so glad I moved to this quiet lakeside community, and away from the noise and congestion of the city!”