You'll actually feel the bass on these Skullcandy headphones

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I have the black non-folding skullcandy and they are fantastic.

That being said, another headphone on the BB Store, really?



Very dubious claim. Cheap headphones tend to have very uneven reproduction patterns and any “bass enhancing” puts lie to this immediately.


Grado SR60e. Made in the U.S. and much much nicer for about the same price

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SkullCandy is unadulterated, overpriced crap. You’ll get better sound from a pair of JVC Flats for $20, FFS.


You are all reading the headline wrong.

Look at the picture…

Sure, it looks like imitation snakeskin on those headphones. But you are wrong. That is actual fish skin on those cans. Sea Bass to be exact.

And you can actually feel the bass on these Skullcandy Headphones


Thank god. I’m so tired of having to theoretically feel the bass.


bonus points for a genuinely retro looking looking pair of cans right there

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And the don’t even have to include weights to make em feel more expensive.

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It is just me who finds it unsettling to read an unsigned article written in the first person?


Just a thought for those of you who want decent headphones, take a look/listen to Audio Technica’s DJ product. I’ve got a set of ATH-M50’s that have lasted many years and sound pretty reasonable.

These are far and away the best I’ve owned:

But $200 is pretty much the upper limit on what I’m willing to spend on headphones, since I don’t work in a recording studio.

I have wonderful Bose noise canceling Bluetooth headphones.

Something fishy about your photo…

By someone who always dubiously claims to use the product in question.

However, this ad is delightfully free of hype and nonsense (well, except for mutually exclusive “even frequency response” that somehow co-exists with the “heavy bottom” and adjustable bass slider…)

Hype or not, I’ve been happy with my Skull candy earbuds. Dunno about headphones as I’m still using a variety of headphones, including the ubiquitous pro Sony 7506 folding headphones, which really are pretty flat, but aren’t all that damn comfortable since they aren’t really circumaural, that is they fit on top of the ears instead of around them.

So, two Yea Boing Boing Stores :slight_smile: :slight_smile: for the lack of weird hype and narative structure and reasonable product and two Neigh Boing Boing Stores :confused: :confused: for the anonymous 1st person and the contradictory claims of even response while also being bass heavy.

Good investment; the price on these almost doubled a few years ago.

Even so I’d buy em again when these eventually wear out.

I’ve had two pair of these, and they’re fantastic. I tried them out next to Parrot Zik, Bose, and the ridiculously overrated and overpriced Beats.

You can tune the bass to be simply correct,balanced well with the mid and highs, or you can crank them up to club-level head-massage. They couldn’t match the $3000 can’t-even-remember-the-brand-name cans that an audio-nerd friend shared with me once, but hey, I could buy a car for the difference in price.

I beat the crap out of headphones, and the last pair (made circa 2009) lasted until just last year when one of the woofer elements fractured. The current pair has a much-re-engineered architecture, and the sound is even better.

Full disclosure, I do not work anywhere near the audio industry, and yes, I know how to discern fine frequency response on everything from Bach and vintage Benny Goodman recordings to Husker Du and DJ Spooky.

I’ll quit raving here and enjoy the likely incoming flames from people who either haven’t tried them or are simply better than me. Haters gonna etc.

Seriously, though. Brilliant sound for the money.

That said, why isn’t the post bylined or labeled as an ad? Just curious.

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