Cheap gaming headset just as nice as my expensive one

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I agree this headset gets the job done. I got one for xmas last year and my only complaints are that the volume doesn’t go as high as I’d like, and the cable is a bit too long and always in the way. I also use the headset for web conf mtgs when I am working from home.

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This Bengoo headset feels every bit as nice as the expensive SkullCandy set it is replacing

Well that’s your problem. Skull Candy is overpriced and not all that nice for what you’re paying for, it’s not bad per se but not good value for the money. There are some nicer headsets i could recommend but if the one from this post works for you then no need to look further.


I have a cheap Hyper-X headset and it also has a ridiculously long cable but it’s not much of a concern for me, i basically have the end with the USB port have all the extra cable neatly folded and held with a twist tie. It avoids having the extra cable in the way :slight_smile:

Yes, it seems just right to get caught on my dog.

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The best headset I’ve found is an Antlion Modmic attached to an already nice pair of headphones (if you have them).

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There’s even cheaper that are even gooder, so there: pooeypatooie!

i’m done with wired gaming headsets, but i’m at sea when it comes to finding a good, inexpensive bluetooth one that’s mac compatible. anyone have any recommendations?

This Bengoo headset feels every bit as nice as the expensive SkullCandy set it is replacing

If Skullcandy is what you consider a “nice…expensive” headset, you may not be qualified to comment on what makes a good headset…

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Well Skull Candy does make stuff with good audio, a couple of close friends really liked their earbuds and headsets. But for what it is you’re paying a premium for their image or name, akin to Beats. One is better buying elsewhere for more bang for the buck.

It’s almost like badge engineering doesn’t matter as much as actual engineering when it comes to determining the quality of a product.

(Now, whether a given customer’s product is being churned out by the night shift or the day shift at the ODM’s slave factory, that’s something to keep an eye on.)


Not sure what your criteria for ‘good audio’ is.

There are plenty of legitimately good audio manufacturers out there, but Beats & Skullcandy are not among them. Both of those brands have a bad track record when it comes to faithfully reproducing audio.

Avoid the “lifestyle brands”. They spend more money on advertising, and less money on a quality product. The drivers are usually lower-quality, the construction, the warranty, all usually worse. is a wonderful resource if you aren’t sure what makes for good audio.

If you want a good headset for gaming: Kingston HyperX Cloud II, or something from V-moda.

If you want good earbuds, consider something from Etymotic or Jaybird, on the cheap end Sony or Anker Soundbuds.

If you want good headphones look to brands like Audio-Technica, AKG, Bower & Wilkins, Sony, Seinhauser, etc.

A good set of headphones for that are the Superlux HD 668B at $30-$50 while being competitive with $200+ headphones.

I see that the new Modmic is $70. My headphones for playing games are a set of Sennheiser HD 201s with a set of generic replacement velvet earpads. I might have spent all of $40 for the things. I’d get one of the cheap gaming boom mics on Amazon but they all look like they’re designed to plug in to a 3.5mm jack on the headphone body, which of course mine don’t have…oh, well. I like my 201s because they sound okayish, and I have tripped on the cable enough times that I have soldered new ends on 'em several times now.

I don’t know why I’m responding to you other than to express my frustration that I don’t want to buy a dedicated headset, don’t feel like spending $70 to add a mic to $40 headphones, but don’t see other options…ah, well.

modmic-4 is $50
modmic-5 is $70

you may have reasons for wanting the latter, but if not, well…

too dog gone long?

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I had to replace a set of the original earpads on mine, and wow, the velvet is so much nicer.

When something doesn’t mix, don’t mix it.
Sometimes you’ll have to, but at best you’ll end up with a false compromise.

There are way cheaper mic add-ons, I’ve just heard really good things about the Modmic and really enjoy mine. I already had a pair of AKG K240s that never leave the house, so it made more sense for me to buy a Modmic and use those than get a separate headset that will have worse sound and a worse mic than the Modmic.

That said, I do now need to buy an amp to drive them as the motherboard can’t quite cut it. But such is life.

speaking of headphones, my HD558s, which are normally very comfy, have started to press my glasses against a sore shot behind my right ear.

any suggestions?