SGeek goes nuts for Audeze Mobius headphones

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Yikes $400 bucks? That’s a lot of cheddar for headphones…


“Goes nuts” “Audeze”

Audeze nuts? You’d have to be to spend $400 on headphones. Audiophiles, everyone.


Only 3.5 stars on Amazon. Many people didn’t exactly Go Nuts for these headphones.

Me: “Cool, new headphones I might be interested in!”

(price = $400)

Me: “Nah, I’m good.”


I’m actually looking for headphones right now and coincidentally have a $400 ceiling.

These look interesting but being gaming headphones is an instant turn-off. I would assume that the default sound profile caters to video game sounds and that’s not what I want them for.

The Oppo PM-3’s dip into that price range on Amazon occasionally and I’ve only heard good things about them. I was resigned to waiting for them to show up in that price range again.

When I was googling I saw that Monoprice also has some headphones in that price range under the Monolith brand. Have you tried them? I like Monoprice for cables but am a little wary about buying other things from them.

I prefer Klipsch La Scalas and a really strong headband.

These are not really “Gaming” headphones so much as 7.1 surround planar magnetics.

Does that imply there’s a lot of processing going on in the headphones? That’s not necessarily a great thing for me. One is sound issues the other is battery issues. In theory Bluetooth headphones use less (and sometimes significantly less) battery from your phone but if you start doing a lot of processing, you are going to lose that advantage.

On the plus side, their Bluetooth chip supports AAC which is nice because it means when you are playing an AAC file, the file should be transmitted as is to the headphones. Play an MP3 and it’s going to be re-encoded as AAC or some other codec and that never makes anything better.

The very used Panasonic RP-HTX7 headset I’m using is wired, comfortable, and perfectly functional.

It could definitely use a longer cable and new vinyl for the cushioning, but it is red.

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The enhanced sound qualities of red headphones can not be underestimated.

My Sennheiser HD580 circa 1994 have earcups that have turned pink.

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I hope that’s just discoloration, and not biofilm.

Oh hey, my headset also came in green. Even more glad now I wound up with the red.

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