Your body has been outsourced

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You really shouldn’t be able to order that book online.


Yes, far better for you to write it yourself, longhand, at your treadmill desk.
Of course, better still would be to go on a hiking pilgrimage to the top of a lonely mountain, where the author will whisper her insights in your ear, personally.

Some kinds of efficiency are good!


You were born into a sedentary culture, so 99.9 percent of your sedentary behaviours are flying under your radar. Start paying attention. What do you see?

I have started looking into this, based on the health, fitness, and longevity of “blue zone” populations. Finding natural reasons to move your body and constantly shift your posture seems to be a major factor in a longer and higher quality life along with diet and outlook.

What I see in myself is someone who, like most Americans, has to stop sitting so much. I choose not to drive and do a lot of walking, but I spend long stretches sitting when I’m working.


Sedentarism is very much linked to consumerism, materialism, colonialism, and the destruction of the planet.

Counter argument: efficiency of movement means I consume less resources and materials, thus helping postpone the destruction of the planet by people who wilfully waste energy.
I’ve done jobs where I had to stand up all day, they made my health worse, I’ll stick to sitting down thanks.


I kind of wish that employment offers were labeled with standardized activity components the same way breakfast cereal is labeled for vitamin RDAs. If a cube farm job means the employee is likely to gain weight over time, that should be listed right there on the label. Likewise, the likelihood of sprains, cuncussion, or even gunshot wound, would be useful to know. I guess that would have been a union thing, so nevermind…


I’m a fidgety, attention-challenged employee, so even in a highly typical office environment, I’m constantly in motion, either getting up to refill water, go to the bathroom, or just bouncing my knee. I’m fairly svelte, and I’ve wondered in the past how much full-body fidgeting contributes to that. Having two young children is putting me to the test, and giving me a bit of a dad bod, as my running schedule is decimated and my eating habits are more…rushed. We’ll see.


I remember reading some diet-and-weight-loss advice somewhere, and, I kid you not, one of the recommendations was to fidget more!

I do too!! Also, the best job for me is one with a mix of physical activity and sitting/mental work. In my experience that’s been hard to find—jobs as created/offered seem to be one or the other, i.e., either on your feet all day or sitting all day.

I would love to see employment offers with more info about the physical environment, too—e.g., on your feet all day in an old building with a wooden floor? That’s usually not as painful as being on your feet all day on a concrete floor.

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I have been thinking for a few years about quitting my job in order to spend more of my day like a blue zoner. Moderate, all-day movement; occasional strenuous activity; with a healthy dash of socializing. But what is that perfect job? Aside from being inside all the time, I keep thinking of something like being a stocker at a grocery store or at a gear shop like REI. They won’t pay well, but my health might be worth it


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