Your Fave YouTubers

I have this other thread going about You Tube Genres, and it made me think I’d be interested in people you watch on YouTube.

Personally, my all time favorite is Ann Reardon’s channel because she is really good at giving instructions. Also, it’s fun to watch her make her crazy creations. I rather like her older ones to her new ones, because it seems that her niche now is kids who want her to create novelty cakes, but still she does a lot of really creative things.


Well my two most favorite
The professionally produced Trailers From Hell

The Periodic Table Of Videos

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Mike’s electric stuff for interesting err… electric stuff that is sometimes way over my head. I did watch EEVblog for a while but it got rather forced.

Nerdcubed for gaming stuff.

Todd in the Shadows for music reviews.

Also Roadkill when it comes out- Finnegan’s garage is shaping up as an interesting offshoot, without the glossy production.

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Aside from grav3yardgirl and Natalie Tran, I don’t really watch specific youtubers with consistency.

But I do like these two:

Oh yeah. And watching these guys beat each other up in ridiculous ways in slow motion makes me happy.

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