Your perception of this graph is a graph of your perception


While we’re at it



Is that who I was supposed to see? All the way across the room, I still only see Einstein, although it looks like maybe he’s in drag? I suck at this.




I get a nauseating mix of Einstein and Marilyn Munroe unless I focus really hard on either one. Makes me feel queasy.


Or even more relevant to the current topic of self-descriptive graphs:


How far back am I supposed to be standing? At 20 feet and I can still make out the ghosted image of Einstein. Monroe transitions to the primary image at about 18 feet, but just barely, and I don’t have any longer rooms.


It’s vulvas, all the way down.



It’s graphs all the way down!


oh… i thought it was mansfield



Best one yet! :grinning:

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