YouTube may offer an ad-free subscription service for online video




AdBlock Plus provides the same effect, with no payment (other than in karma).


Yeah, I think I’ll just keep skipping or muting the ads, same as I do on TV.


I like the paid subscription model. It means YouTube will have an incentive to build their services around the needs of subscribers and filmmakers instead of advertisers.


AdBlock uses no karma at all. You do not have a moral duty to consume advertising - not even on BoingBoing. None whatsoever.


I agree with you, but I know people in the advertising world who would love to have an argument with you.


You mean the people who say that going to wee during the TV commercial is theft?


It also means that they will have an incentive to make the not-paid (and therefore also not-logged-in) content consumption more significantly sub-par to the paid-for option.

So I am wary.


I don’t care about commercials as much as the comment threads. What would they charge to filter out trolls, haters and willfully ignorant comments? (Yes, I know there’s a plugin to block YouTube comments, but I’d like to think there are some comments worth reading. BoingBoing is a great example of a site where the comments can be as interesting as the content.)


And I could not care less what people in the advertising world would like :slight_smile:


I would subscribe to youtube to support the artists I watch. I watch a helluva lot of gaming media, and a lot of them have sites that let you support them, but I’d rather do it directly.


I use AdBlock not because I find the ads annoying, but because ads are malware portals to your computer.


I suspect it will be the same youtube, only expensiver.


With the implementation of subscription service, it will spell the beginning of the end for Youtube.


You beat me to it! Argh! :slight_smile:


Exactly! One of the first things I do when setting up computers w/Ubuntu for friends is to set up Firefox with Adblock and some reasonable filters. Nobody should ever surf the web at random without Adblock. It increases the hazards of malware, and it’s wasteful of eletricity (as many ads contain looping JavaScript and will turn on multimedia on their own).


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