YouTuber Jake Paul charged with criminal trespassing and unlawful assembly for being in mall while looters looted

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Such a shame! When will police learn targeting rich white kids is wrong!? /s


Um yeah.

Count the ways in which this is douchey without needing to watch it:


And this is all he’s been up to - not one thing about BLM or really awareness about anything other than being a rich white dude and maybe banging a porn star{*} (not that there’s anything wrong with it):

{*} this is an edit… actually I haven’t watched any of them but based on the titles it looks like his buddy has been banging the porn star, not that there’s anything wrong with it.

This is how much coverage he gives to the actual Black Lives Matter movement. A few seconds of protest noise from BLM, literally whited out by his self promotion:


One can only wonder whether the family that produced Jake and Logan Paul relied on exceptionaly dysfunctional parenting strategies; or if there is something horribly broken in that germline that must never be repeated.


I’ve started to watch the video and it just makes me sad. He’s raising $50K for BLM, great. But he is totally clueless about the protests and all of the footage screams youtube star exercising white privilege. He says some terribly wrong things about what is going on outside of his house right now. The one thing I really do believe though - he was handed a bottle of vodka and promptly put it down. Until I see footage of him carrying it home, I genuinely think he didn’t give a rats ass about something someone gave him while looting. But this is a guy who, rather than saying “let me ask African Americans about their experience and interview leaders about their approach and commitment to non-violence and how that seems to be getting subverted”… he literally says “there has been peaceful protest and that hasn’t worked. That hasn’t gotten the message across.” Instead of seeing what even Fox News is now calling out as agent provocateurs starting the looting, he’s buying into what is actually a racist narrative - that blacks are poor and have to loot to get their point across. And he does it while all of the footage shows white people doing property destruction and stealing shit. What black person busts into a PF Changs to be heard? Who even breaks into a PF Changs for anything except for a stupid white person who’s probably on something and thinks this is what they’re supposed to be doing right now?

I would break into a PF Changs only to return those horrifically over-salted cashew chicken lettuce cups.

One more.


I have a question: Who gets to declare a protest an unlawful assembly?
If it is the police does that make any arrests legitimate?
It all sounds a bit off to me.


“He reportedly unlawfully entered and remained inside Scottsdale Fashion Square mall when it was closed.”

Too many protesters get lumped in with looting, but generally peaceful protests don’t take place inside closed shopping malls. If for no other reason than it is pointless to protest where nobody will see.


I was going to do a really long reply to this ranting more about Jake Paul, but actually this is a great question if you check out the timeline from Phoenix/Scottsdale that night. There were two unlawful assembly declarations. First, in Phoenix where people were (for the most part nonviolently) holding their ground around the gov’t buildings and refusing to go home. The mall is a 15 minute drive from there. Unlawful assembly was declared 10:20pm in Phoenix.

Looting was reported 10:45 at the mall. Unlawful assembly was declared at 11 pm in Scottsdale. So possibly if the Phoenix PD had decided to ride it out, that wouldn’t have happened in Scottsdale but I also saw that there were social media posts pushing for looting the mall.

However, to play devil’s advocate on the Phoenix decision, they earlier had to block the onramp to the 10 freeway as many demonstrators marched up that way after the main march (approx 5pm-7pm) concluded. It sounds like they prevailed and the marchers headed back to the civic center area and there were also many stragglers then walking down the middle of the streets, so (this is my reading of it not having been there) without full resource to control freeway access and with a big crowd around city hall/police HQ and straggling groups of protesters beginning to interact with non-protest people who were driving through town, I could see the potential for something much worse to happen and declaring unlawful assembly could free up the enforcement resource. (It appears curfew was not imposed in AZ until the following night). But hmm, could they have gotten enforcement resource help from Scottsdale, highway patrol at the freeway (which in AZ are state troopers, umm) and other neighbors?

I am gonna rant a little. The fact that there were TWO totally separate events, one just pure looting, not reachable by the nonviolent march, and a nonviolent event 15 minutes away earlier in the day for which he offers zero footage, though he claims to have been engaged in this for many hours… it all rings a resounding bell that Jake Paul is a total scumbag. For whatever good it would do, I think it is worth pushing youtube to dump him.

Jesus Christ, can this guy just get a real job and fade back into obscurity?

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