FBI SWAT team raids YouTube star Jake Paul's mansion

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So Trump and/or Barr wants to make an example of a famous person? Why else would they try to create a spectacle for the tv news cameras



I’m just happy its’ not a BLM or First Nations activist, or anyone like that who they targeted.


Child porn. It’s child porn, right? It’s gotta be child porn.


i always feel like it should be “star” when referring to people like this.




Hmm, a “Youtube star”… there’s so many possibilities here, as to why this raid happened.

Statistically I suppose that’s a safe bet.

As with all “Youtube Stars”…

The name sounds vaguely familiar, though it’s possible it’s actually because there’s some other “Paul” or some other “Jake” that came up in the context of dumbass Youtube stardom.

I’ve always felt disconnected from pop culture, but never have so many people been called “famous” that required me to say, “I’ll take your word for it.” And that’s leaving aside the Youtube “stars” who can’t even make a living at it because their fame is so niche.


Why would this require a force dressed up like soldiers?

Policing in the US is beyond fucked up.


American police are so strange, that looked more like the army was invading than any police raid you would get over here…


I have no idea who this is. I can only assume from the incredibly vague descriptions of a generic “YouTube star” whose channel features pranks, personal stories, and, um, a boxing ring and hot tub, that his channel is essentially content-free.


I assume it has something to do with interfering with children, just based on my cumulative three to five minutes’ exposure to his radioactively gross online persona. His whole “Jackass, but without the wit and sophistication, and for twelve-year-old girls” thing strikes me as a giant red flag.

A stash of illegal guns would also be plausible, but given that it was the FBI doing the raid I’ll guess it’s something about transporting underage girls across state lines.


Yup. And likely to continue to get worse. Trump has another few months to ratchet things up, to open up police data bases to private contractors and worse, to continue to give local departments heavy duty military gear, and generally pull the plug on any existing regulations. Some of that will be hard to put back in the can, even if Biden wins. And while Biden is demonstrably better about policing, I’m not sure that people realize that Biden wants larger police budgets. (He has solid policy suggestions but it’s basically, let’t go back to the mid-Obama years, at best.) It’s going to take time to turn things around and, sigh, the conservative courts are going to make it tricky, at best, and the Dems are going to need to win along the lines of 60/40 for the next couple of elections and they are going to to find it in them to do some serious restructuring of the ways in which we practice democracy and the ways we police.

Pretty much everyone can see that having an army raid Jake Paul’s mansion (or really anyone’s mansion, short of Carlos The Jackal) is completely nuts and a clear sign of atrocious governing and policing but . . . turning that sentiment into policy is a long, long road. Arguably, what we are seeing now was set in motion through the right wing projects begun in the 60s.

OTOH, it was Jake Paul, a chaotic attractor of atrocious judgement.


Okay… THIS is what makes you realize that policing is fucked up…? Really?

Really? He’s the big victim of overpolicing? This is the LINE?


He seems nice.


I know. How could that happen to a white rich guy?

If he was suspected of weapons charges - yeah - they should treat him like someone with a possible stockpile of illegal weapons.


Idiot left an unsecured rifle outside against his hot tub when he was out of state. Several other weapons confiscated. There’s more than adequate probable cause. Idiot’s out of state & leaves an unattended rifle outside?

He should be barred from owning firearms nationwide.



But, but, 2nd Amendment! /s


He didn’t own that rifle - he abandoned it. Finders keepers.


Meanwhile, in Louisiana…


We REALLY need to get some perspective on where heavy policing is actually happening… it’s not at Jake Paul’s mansion… Jake Paul will likely not spend extended time in prison for his cache of illegal weapons. Meanwhile, Fair Wayne Bryant is serving life for stealing god damn hedge clippers…


It’s not an either/or. It’s just another drop in the endless sea of US overpolicing.

Just because I make a post about this being over the top, does not mean this was were it crossed the line for me. Not sure why you would read my comment that way.

There’s almost never this much outrage expressed en mass when this crap happens regularly to poor people and POC; but when it happens to an over-privileged White guy with some notoriety, the outcry is suddenly a cacophony…