Black protestor tells two white women to stop tagging Starbucks with BLM

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no no…just some very fine people. /s


Trust no one when assembling. The ease in which protests can be infiltrated by other groups and plain clothed officers/feds would make me want to keep an eye on anyone in my vicinity.


There are fine people on both sides, but some are more fine than others. (/S and no, I have no idea where I’m going with this. It’s all so depressing.)


Love hearing these people get told. I know a lot of young white activists who constantly argue for use of violence because we “have to do something” but here, the woman makes the point that black people will get the blame. And of course, the two taggers might be alt-right in disguise, there’s a lot of that too but it doesn’t help that a subset of white lefty activists/anarchists are always itching to riot.

Here’s another amusing example of white kids trying to fuck shit up and getting confronted, but this time it’s MMA fighter Jon Jones telling them to cut the shit out. Should be a wakeup call, I’d think


They look like they’re playing dress-up.


not all heroes wear capes:


yeah are they cosplaying as ninjas? Hopefully all the video of the agent provocateurs in the protests will lead to some arrests and revealing how many are alt-right or just plain cops in disguise.


What was with the accent from the one in glasses?

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Arrests won’t ever reveal cops in disguise.



Of the thousands that joined in the march and protest in Boston yesterday, there were a few with the clear intent to create and escalate conflict. All young white, mostly male. Near the end, I saw this guy wandering, and someone else posted the video to twitter last night.

The march consisted of a wide diversity of ages and colors, but the people planning mayhem were all white.


Ancient guerilla tactics. They can’t appease the protesters because it would upset their status quo, and they can’t (yet) attack them without provocation. Insert instability to the event and hope it collapses. Make it memorable, and hope it cows everyone else.

We weren’t dealing with honorable people in 2016. We certainly aren’t dealing with them after four years of Trump.


True. Probably won’t reveal the alt-right either, but the video will help get some of them arrested.


I’m reading the anarchist subreddits everyday, and while there are a few people wanting to cause trouble the vast majority are against it as it has no value as praxis. There have also been a few Boogaloo types trying to convince people that they aren’t all far-right (this will sound familiar to anyone who had to deal with Lexit people in the British EU referendum). Again, the majority are unconvinced.

That said, there are no tears over police and large corporation buildings being set on fire, but that’s to be expected.


In Raleigh, there were a number of instances of black protestors telling white protestors to show some restraint. It very much seems like white people co-opting a black-led movement, on the underlying assumption that they as white progressives know what’s best for the black population.

That said, the rioters in Raleigh and Fayetteville seem authentic. We have a lot of very angry, literally and figuratively disenfranchised people in North Carolina. There was a brief window this weekend where they could strike back at the establishment that normally keeps its boot solidly on their necks. No agents provocateur or extravagant false flag operations are needed to “rile them up.” Their rage is real and long-standing. Give them a little more credit, please.


True. I’d say more like young gorilla tactics, but most gorillas don’t destroy lives without provocation.


Man, there seems to be a lot of fringe groups looking to just fuck shit up or destroy/disrupt the meaning of the protests. People passing out bricks? Are they somehow trying to “help”, or want people to fuck shit up and weaken the cause?

Thus far in KC is has been relatively peaceful. Some windows shattered in the fancy shopping district and some car fires.

Anyone out there, stay safe.


He’s known far and wide as ‘Johnny Brickseed’. Legend says he wanders from riot to riot, handing out bricks where they are needed.


The rage within the protests is absolutely real and absolutely justified. Some of the destructive and burning behaviors come out of long-simmering frustrations about our society’s failure to live to it’s essential promise of fairness and justice.

But the (almost universally white) people distributing bricks near the ends of protests (and then driving off) are not representative of that anger. They are there to make lives worse, not better, and to either watch the world burn, or to create the environment for fascism to emerge.