Zelazny's 'Jack of Shadows' is some dark stuff

oh wow, i either missed this, or forgot about it completely. i wonder what happened – it is so perfect for a miniseries treatment. it has multiple memorable characters, scheming, intrigue, magic, and the use of the tarot cards to get around is just genius.

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At the same time I am fine with the Game of Thrones folks giving it a pass

I don’t know, I kinda think there are a number Jack Chalker series which could make for much more interesting (and cohesive) stories on screen. Like 4 Lords of the Diamond, or the Well World books. Heck for the Wonderland Gambit., you can almost see the show in your head while you read it. Zelazney already had Damnation Alley turned in to a movie (why that, instead of say, Roadmarks?)

For that matter, why has McCaffery’s Pern series never made it into a TV show? It’s got sprawling multiple characters and families, political intrigue, a world under threat of destruction, and a big fan base, including a Role-Playing Game, and it even has dragons.

Or, if you want game of thrones-ish, how about Saberhagens Sword books?

Or why hasn’t FreeForm done Edding’s Belgariad as a series? It would be a perfect fit for that channel.


Do you have a cite for that? I’ve never seen reference, although I can totally see it.

There might have been some horrible problem with who had the rights. (Like with Dino De Laurentiis having the rights for Dune for ages before the movie was made.) I recall some scam artists trying to milk the Quebec government for funds for an amusement park in the 80s, and in other places.

(They might have had the rights, or an option on the rights, but still scam artists.)

Weird shit and crazy people.


oh man, somehow i had forgotten about all this wacky stuff!

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My fave Zelaznys, in very rough descending order (not trying to start a fight!):

  • This Immortal (aka …And Call Me Conrad)
  • The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth (short story collection)
  • Amber series (NB first, Corwin cycle only)
  • My Name is Legion (three novellas)
  • Roadmarks
  • Eye of Cat
  • Deus Irae (with PKD!)
  • Jack of Shadows
  • Coils (with Fred Saberhagen)

Completely leaving out A Night in the Lonesome October!? FIGHT ME!!!



A night in the lonesome october is amazing. Last Defender of Camelot, as well.


Doorways in the Sand is probably my absolute favorite. Zelazny reinvents the record-scratch-you’re-probably-wondering-how-this-happened nearly every chapter and makes it work every time, and what great characters! It’d be a great Netflix series, with the advantage that there’s no second book for everyone to be disappointed about their not filming.

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Who could resist that cover?


i don’t want this thread to close. i had no idea so many people here were fans! i love all these books.


Here, hit them with this Awful Saying!

I can’t say how much I appreciate this thread. I’m doing a 10-hour drive with my oldest son, and we’re going to listen to Nine Princes in Amber on the ride. He’s excited, and I’m absolutely stoked to be able to share this with him.

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I actually thought it’d be the omission of Lord of Light that would provoke that…!

That is unfairly hilarious and maybe the best case ever of “Serious SF, schlocky cover” I’ve ever seen. Looks like that moment when the Hangman comes in the door inspired a lot of, uh, art:
But that’s not how I pictured it at all, personally :wink:

Seems that Roger Z comes up here on the semi-regular, unless I’m imagining things (and it’s always nice to see).


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