Zelda fan/maker controls smart home by playing ocarina

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This is full of win! But if I was doing it, I’d use a pan flute, and have the house sing back as the spirit wolf from Twilight Princess.

Srsly, though, this is cool.


Mine’s better. All it understands is “sad trombone”, which is good because that’s all I ever play.*

  • ♪ ♫ wah, wah ♪ ♫
    /lights turn off, blinds close, stereo plays REM “Everybody Hurts”-Smashmouth “All Star” mashup

Maybe you could do the Adele/Smashmouth version instead: https://youtu.be/Uef0Qr56mKo ?

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Speaking as someone with perfect pitch who used to freak the phone system by singing the control tones, I really hope he has more security that it appears because I could now do an awful lot of things to his house.


No! Not Epona’s Song!

horse crashes through window, trashes living room

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Didn’t Michael Fassbender do something like this in the film Prometheus?


Don’t! Such power should be used for the benefit of…

… oh, fuck it. Get to work on his house.


I just hope he has enough ocarinas for the stampede of sexual partners he must be bringing home oh who am I kidding, it’d work on me

HA! Allen lives in Southern CA, and I can get one of those ocarinas at my local gamestop!

I should figure out where he lives and turn his lights on in the middle of the night.

But on another note (HA! Dad-pun!), I was sad to see Allen not make it to the final on the mythbuster whatever new show. He’s such a cool maker dude that I’m now stuck watching his youtube videos rather than being able to DVR him. :frowning:

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