Zen out on Bob Ross peeling off contact paper

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/03/06/zen-out-on-bob-ross-peeling-of.html


The Florida reveal was like, boom, instant 80’s.

If you want to get hyped instead of zen, I never get tired of these upside down speed painting guys:

I don’t want to be contrarian internet guy here, but this actually drove me nuts. Those feathered edges of the painting are so nice and fuzzy and warm, and give the feeling of peeking through a smoky veil into the world of Bob’s happy place. They give the painting some unique character, a space where the tight, representative interior bleeds into the abstract and impressionistic. Peeling off the contact paper to reveal a perfect edge made it look instantly cheaper and mass-produced…


Contact high …

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