Beginner painters try to learn from the master: Bob Ross


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Years ago I bought a cheap Les Paul copy at the flea market, and was going to paint a Bob Ross scene on it (I even taped an episode and had it set aside for just that purpose.)

Then I realized that A.) it would be difficult painting on the rounded, carved top, and B.) the cost of the paints and brushes was worth way more than the guitar.


It triggers me that the girl thinks there were commercials during the original show. PBS is a wonderful thing, and commercial free. Support it!


What he is doing while it is not hard, still takes practice, lots of practice.


I’m sorry, she lost me at Hobby Lobby. No need to shop there when you got Dick Blick online. I’m sure there is a michaels or Joann’s nearby further down the road.

Really, I’m not at all cranky this morning.


I am painting happy little Bob Rosses right now.


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