Fan of TV painting host Bob Ross? Watch the very first episode of his show

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Just watched it at double speed. Still good, still leaves, still zen.

I’m only 20 and this is something that’s bothered me for ages:
Was Almighty a brand, or is that just an adjective he uses a lot…?

I’m pretty sure his use of “almighty” is used as a spiritual invocation. It’s no brand I know of, but I could easily be wrong. I’m not an artist. But he’s using “almighty” to describe the picture, Michelangelo and his painting equipment.

Also, did anyone else notice the construction work in the background? He did a pretty good job of not letting the clattering tubes faze him.

Yeah, that’s what I’ve figured, but I wasn’t sure if there was overlap there, since he does treat it like it’s a brand of painting equipment.

Frequent use of the word “Almighty” and references to heart. A desire to encourage free expression and an unshakable belief that, yes you can do it. What manner of advanced civilisation produced a program like this?

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Well, Bob Ross spent a lot of time in the airforce, on base in Alaska as master sgt. and was the 1st sgt. of the USAF clinic at Ellison. He said that he didn’t like being mean and tough. He didn’t like chewing people out for being late and such. He said “if I ever move on from the military I’ll never scream again.”

So, the Bob Ross we know from PBS is a guy who swore never to yell, because he hated it.


Bob Ross always makes me smile. When he talks of his happy little clouds or trees or mountains, life just takes on such a lovely mellow, relaxed feel, and worries melt away and are forgotten. I wonder if he knew that he could touch people like that?


I certainly can understand the sentiment. And maybe if it were radio, I’d be in the same boat as you. As it is, watching him work makes me practically goblin-green with envy. He makes absolutely everything seem effortless, like a great athlete exercising their sport, or master jazz improvist jamming with their best friends, or a fluent polyglot talking with a crowd of monolinguists who all speak different languages. I think I have toolset jealousy.


I remember when the Nintendo Wii first came out there was supposed to be a Bob Ross painting game/software, never happened… which considering the level of crappy games on the Wii it’s probably for the best. But i still think that a Bob Ross painting game done right would do well.

Yeah, I was thinking that when I watched that video this morning… he sure knows how to do that. If I as much as dabbled in painting, I wager I’d be green with envy, too…

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Bob is a heckuva great guy, but I’m sorry. I just can’t abide the painting lessons.

Sort of like the anti-critical thinking, anti-observational method to painting.
Of course, there are some good methods to it, such as keeping the palette limited, using the tools in ways one might not have considered before (many painters these days are almost solely using palette knives to paint). Most important, using a bigger brush than you think you need, though even I consider that to be a big honkin’ brush.


I get after miniatures painters for using tiny brushes for EVERYTHING on their minis. Outside of eyes and other tiny fiddly details like that a much bigger brush with a good point is way easier to work with.

I always found his shows very meditative. Not so much about the paintings themselves but getting into the groove of the process and just creating something.

Also the source for my favorite bits from Pat Cashman on Almost Live,


Nailed it there! It is so relaxing to just listen to him and see him work.

what the hell was up with all the metal pipes getting dropped in the background audio? Did they break into an active construction site to film the show?

I’ve always admired how influential he was.


Getting something out of your head onto a 2d surface in a short time can be frustrating if in chasing the details it takes much longer than you wished to spend on it. This isn’t like the end all be all of painting techniques but watching you see the man get a full colored scene on a large surface with enough detail to walk away satisfied in about 20 minutes, its a very practical sketching style think of it like that. Also after you lay something like that you can do something over top in high detail and it would look beautiful so its good even if only for starting a painting (assuming the painting has an outdoor backdrop of course).

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Here’s another Bob Ross parody for y’all. :smile:

It’s my husband’s creation. :smile:


Before Bob Ross, there was William Alexander.I’m pretty sure he’s the one that came up with the constant ‘almightys’ and ‘happys.’ But he’s probably a bit too teutonic and intense for the tripping fans of Ross, though.

“Almighty vite!”

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Almighty VITAS?