Zildjian's new e-drum kit is a gamechanger in music technology

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Interesting, but can the sound of a cymbal being choked be replicated, that is, the sound of it being struck while held with one hand?


A wee bit out of my price range, but very cool!


It can! I didn’t take any video of that, but we definitely did that in the room.


I also want to point out that Zildjian has been around since the 17th century…


The cymbals sound fantastic and the drums seem good with the exception of the low tom. It sounds as canned, static and fake as an 80’s drum machine. Like doing a roll on an old Roland R8.


I do wish I had more time to mess when the settings AND the PA system (I think it was EQd a little too bassy anyway).

Also fun facts I learned: the current head of the family who runs the company is the first ever woman to take over (because of course). In addition, the only part of the factory I was not allowed into was the foundry — because the only people allowed in there are the smithy, and the ONE member of the Zildjian family at a time who knows the exact right recipe for their metal alloy.


So cool! Do they allow the general public to tour, too? I’d love to check it out sometime, if possible. Those kinds of factory tours are fun… I went to the Moog factory in Asheville back before they got bought out and moved manufacturing back to overseas. It was really interesting…


What is the sound of one cymbal in a wood anyway?


I was thinking about starting a playing musicz thread the other day.

Playing music again after a gap. I think many of us would have suggestions that others could appreciate.

I think one of the great things about life now is that music is so accessible. Here we are listening to fairly obscure African music from when we were kids all night, I was amazed how cheap really good guitars are now when we went to get one for one of our kids, and going to all ages gigs has made me appreciate how cheap equipment allied to all the free video instruction making arcane knowledge available to everyone has really raised the standard of musicianship in local bands of kids.


Do it! I’ll contribute.


I never knew they were lathed, so a little Google later

Did it make a sound like that? Proper sci-fi vibe.
I would be sad if it didn’t.


What stack are they using to transfer data, AVoIP?

So what’s new here? Certainly not brass electronic cymbals or multi voice triggering. I’ve had that for years… article needs to be much clearer as to how these cymbals are evolutionary.

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