Zine newsstand in Brooklyn subway station


The Newsstand is a subway shop inside Brookly’s Lorimer/Metropolitan station that specializes in zines. Great idea! (And yes, it’s already been nicknamed the “hipster newsstand.”) Paper magazine interviewed the proprietors: Lele Saveri: I think the zine idea was also because of the location. You’re in the subway and people are used to grabbing something to… READ THE REST


Of course, the photos are instagrammed or similar. I’m going to go out of my way to check this out when I’m in NY in a couple of weeks.


HAHAHA. Of COURSE it’s on the L line.


Melbourne in Australia has had a similar outlet under their main rail station for years - the Sticky Institute. They even run workshops and drop-ins on how to make zines. Been going now for at least 6 years. http://blog.stickyinstitute.com

Its awesome.

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