Zine newsstand in Brooklyn subway station

The Newsstand is a subway shop inside Brookly’s Lorimer/Metropolitan station that specializes in zines. Great idea! (And yes, it’s already been nicknamed the “hipster newsstand.”) Paper magazine interviewed the proprietors: Lele Saveri: I think the zine idea was also because of the location. You’re in the subway and people are used to grabbing something to… READ THE REST

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Of course, the photos are instagrammed or similar. I’m going to go out of my way to check this out when I’m in NY in a couple of weeks.

HAHAHA. Of COURSE it’s on the L line.

Melbourne in Australia has had a similar outlet under their main rail station for years - the Sticky Institute. They even run workshops and drop-ins on how to make zines. Been going now for at least 6 years. http://blog.stickyinstitute.com

Its awesome.

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